British studies say that there are common genes in GM crops in Chinese?

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British studies say that there are common genes in GM crops in Chinese?

2018-09-26 00:25:38 405 ℃

In recent days, an article by WeChat public account "Odds of Anecdote" "British research: Genes commonly found in GM crops in Chinese people, please beware of the next generation! " Widely spread in the WeChat circle of friends.

Is this really the case? it's not true. This is actually a piece of phishing and rumors about GM, which is an advertisement for non-GM food grocery stations.

The designated cooking oils for the Expo include genetically modified soybean oil

This article says: "The Shanghai World Expo only took a few months to use the national science and technology and technology resources. Strictly detect and avoid genetically modified foods that endanger the health of foreign guests.”

On September 24, Fang Xuanchang, editor-in-chief of Gene Agriculture Network, told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that in fact, Shanghai World Expo, Beijing The edible oils specified in the Olympic Games include genetically modified soybean oil.

On the portal of the Ministry of Science and Technology, I have published the "Explanation on the Application of Rapid Detection Technology to Detect Genetically Modified Organisms in Foods in the Special Action of Expo Technology" and stressed that existing The integrated application of related detection technology in the Shanghai World Expo aims to meet the needs of the GM labeling of genetically modified products in the GM list in Shanghai, providing rapid detection and identification techniques, which are harmful to the detection of pathogens, toxic and harmful. Different substances.

Organic Food Supermarket Earth Fare 25% of Products Is a genetically modified food

in this article One-third of the space is about the sale of non-GM foods in the American grocery chain “Earth Fare”.

Jin Qi, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, said that the Earth Fare supermarket is not very popular in the United States, with stores in only 10 states.

On its official website, the reporter saw that 75% of the supermarket's products are not genetically modified, and the remaining 25% are still genetically modified.

The popular science writer and environmentalist Mark Linnas pointed out that so far, there have been examples of eating organic food to death, but no one has died of eating genetically modified food. Compared with organic foods, more than three-quarters of the world's population has been living in countries that have approved planting or importing genetically modified organisms for more than 20 years. There have never been a case of security incidents, and those famous "security incidents" have been proved afterwards. They are all rumors.

Making the Shelley Genetics Newsletter and "SCoAL" gene

In fact, the first half of this article is derived from genetic modification. The phishing essay, just in February of this year, WeChat circulated a similar content of "100,000+" articles - "Amazing: Chinese GM found the US genetically modified SCoAL gene! "Wait. The article said: "As long as it is a genetically modified food, almost all contain the SCoAL gene." "SCoAL" will synthesize the chemical succinic acid in the human body."

Lin Min, director and researcher of the Institute of Biotechnology of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that these articles may be derived from a report by the Right Bank News Agency in July 2012. These articles are full of loopholes. In fact, there is no British academic journal, the Shelley Genetics Newsletter, and there is no Texa Rosa Medical Center.

Jiang Wei, Senior Engineer, Center for Biology, Institute of Genetics and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences Said that the SCoAL gene name should also be concocted.

"Succinic acid, also known as succinic acid. All organisms, including non-GM crops, produce succinic acid. The middle of life metabolic activity is detected in GM crops. The product succinic acid is a normal thing," Lin Min said.

75% of genetically modified corn grown in the United States is consumed domestically

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The article also stated: "In the United States, and even in many European countries, genetically modified foods have been banned by the government." p>

This is even more ridiculous. Just this year, on June 29, the US National Bureau of Agricultural Statistics announced the 2018 coverage of crops and the main GM crops in the United States.

"The United States is still the first major grower of GM crops, accounting for about 40% of the global GM crops." Liu Dingfu, chairman of Wuhan Jinyuliang Seed Technology Co., Ltd. said.

On March 28 last year, at the "South-North American Soybean Sustainable Production and Consumption Importance and China Trade Forum", Jim Miller, President of the US Soybean Export Association I told the Science Daily reporter: "On my farm, I planted genetically modified soybeans and corn. 85% of the corn grown in the United States is genetically modified, and 95% of the soybeans are genetically modified. 75% of the corn and 42% of the soybeans are Consumption in the United States."

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