Antarctic or the current empty door! Scientist: After the weather balloon entered, the number of feedback was surprising.

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Antarctic or the current empty door! Scientist: After the weather balloon entered, the number of feedback was surprising.

2018-09-26 20:25:30 364 ℃

Antarctic or the current empty door! Scientist: After the weather balloon entered, the number of feedback was amazing.

There was a mysterious place, which was finally discovered because of the bad weather. It stands on the earth, close to the sky, and connected to the sea. The closer we are, the more we discover its mystery. This is the South Pole.

As people explore the Antarctic, more and more singular things happen, and many things fail. There is a reasonable explanation. In the 20th century, people gradually overcome the low temperature and blizzard to explore the Antarctic center, and unexpected things happened.

A team of researchers in the United States found a cloud of smoke spinning over the Antarctic. This group of smoke does not follow the time. Change and change, it is so gray, like a piece of spot in the sky, thicker than the fog, lighter than the clouds. This suddenly made the researchers interested, and never seen this situation. In order to better analyze the composition of this "grey spot", they released a weather balloon.

The weather balloon is a popular high-altitude observation tool that can carry different instruments according to different needs. It can measure wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure and other data, which is very convenient and practical. However, after the balloon of the team was lifted off, it did not rise at the same speed as the preset. Instead, the closer it was to the gray spot, the faster it would be until it was "swallowed up" by the gray spot.

The following researchers are a little surprised that the acceleration of the balloon indicates that the gray spots have a certain suction, they recorded this phenomenon. Good experimental literacy made them not rush to take back the leash tied to the balloon. As long as the rope did not fall, the connection between the rope and the balloon was not cut off. In the general experiment, when the meteorological balloon is lifted up for several hours to several tens of hours, it is necessary to fully collect the data of this area before recycling.

When a section of the rope was pulled back, the scientists clearly felt that there was a force pulling the balloon, they had to add more manpower. As the rope was recovered, the balloon gradually emerged from the gray spot. When it was safely landed, the timer on the balloon showed 30 years ago! The number of feedback is surprising. This situation suddenly surprised the whole team. Did the balloon go through the time? Why is this happening in the Antarctic?

Can time really go back? Einstein told us that it is ok! As we approached the speed of light and time walking side by side in the long river of history, we can see that time has stopped and waiting for us to read quietly. When we exceed the speed of light, we can spend more time and can go around it to see something. What we need is that the exercise is fast enough to capture the time. In theory, it is possible that the counter will return to thirty years ago.

The researchers released more weather balloons, but except for the first one, the others were normal. This gray spot no longer shows its singularity. Just like a closed door, the environment in which the first balloon entered the front door did not change. After that, the intervention of the balloon broke the gap between the two time. After the timer was applied, the time inside the door and the time outside began. Assimilation, the two began to become consistent. So in addition to the door is still there, the role has actually been lost.

Some people think that this is a quantum bubble, and it is not accidental to appear in the South Pole. Because the temperature of the Antarctic is low, the matter is correspondingly inactive. When the gap of time and space, that is, the quantum foam appears, because the surrounding materials are relatively "lazy", so the cracks in this space are not blocked. When the time broke, the time began to stratify, and each time period became disordered, so the balloon returned to look thirty years ago.

Do you want to go back through time and space to return to thirty years ago? After all, if it really appears, it will be true. Regret medicine, but it is best not to try to change history and not change through time and space. Time has his own ability to repair. Once he changes, he has the ability to self-correct, and the result is the same, then you will regret it again.