Unidentified objects disappeared after inhaling black holes at one-third of the speed of light, and scientists held their breath

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Unidentified objects disappeared after inhaling black holes at one-third of the speed of light, and scientists held their breath

2018-09-27 00:25:30 412 ℃

Black hole is a very magical object. The reason why it is said that the black hole is not a hole, but a singularity consisting of ultra-high-density matter. All known laws of physics are not applicable here. Since black holes are considered synonymous with destruction, why can't every galaxies lack black holes? Almost every spiral galaxy has a supermassive black hole that, like the treasure of a town store, dominates the entire galaxy.

Our galaxy is no exception, with a black hole of at least 4 million solar masses. Just in the center of the galaxy. The escape rate of the black hole exceeds the speed of light, so we can't directly observe the black hole. What we can see is the structure of the outer layer of the black hole accretion disk. The light here is not completely controlled by the black hole gravity, and it can still escape.

The astronomers saw a thrilling scene. A planet of Earth size collapsed under the control of the black hole tidal force, and a mass of material split into the black hole at nearly one-third of the speed of light.

It can be said that when one-third of the speed of light is reached, the relativistic effect is very obvious. Of course, these things are inorganic substances, if they are spaceships. The time effect of the class is reflected. The time on the spacecraft is not the same as the time on Earth. It can even be said that the astronauts on the spacecraft are delaying aging.

The velocity of the material inhaled by the black hole reaches one-third of the speed of light, and the friction between the particles of matter produces a high temperature, releasing bright radiation. This scene of course has nothing to do with the Milky Way, which occurred in the PG211 + 143 galaxies 1 billion light-years away, by the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton orbiting telescope. It is obvious that this is an X-ray burst. When a black hole accumulates a substance, it forms a powerful X-ray burst that you can't see in visible light.

This time, witnesses also let scientists understand the power of black holes, X-ray coverage is in the world of events The boundary of the entire boundary is clearly visible on the X-ray image. The outer layer of the event horizon is heaven, and inside it is hell. Once it enters the non-escape zone, it will be engulfed by the black hole.

Some people may be curious about where the material has been infiltrated into the black hole. The current general view is that it becomes a basic particle that becomes part of the quality of the black hole. Of course, if you fantasize about any white hole, What is ejected is beyond the theoretical stage. In decades of observation, astronomers have not discovered which celestial body will eject a large amount of matter.

In the observation of the PG211 + 143 galaxy black hole, a detail has attracted attention. It is the case that the material on the black hole accretion disk is unevenly distributed. This may cause some substances destroyed by tidal forces to fall directly into the black hole, instead of turning around it for a long time before falling into the black hole. This detail is very meaningful, which means that black holes can gather a lot of material at a faster rate, which is very helpful for the growth of black holes, and can explain why it is difficult to find medium-quality black holes.