Is there a day when the pi is counted? After listening to the scientist’s explanation, I suddenly realized

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Is there a day when the pi is counted? After listening to the scientist’s explanation, I suddenly realized

2018-10-25 10:25:40 344 ℃

Mathematics is a discipline that studies the concepts of quantity, structure, change, space, and information. From a certain perspective, it is a form of formal science. Mathematicians and philosophers have a series of views on the exact scope and definition of mathematics. In the development of human history and social life, mathematics also plays an irreplaceable role, and is also an essential tool for studying and studying modern science and technology.

Most people know the importance of physics. There are many scientists like Einstein, Hawking, etc. They are famous physicists, but few people can remember some famous mathematicians. Compared with mathematics and physics, people think that physics is tall, especially now that human beings are beginning to explore the universe, and it is inseparable from physics.

In fact, mathematics is the originator of all disciplines. Whether it is chemistry or physics, mathematics is needed. Especially the physics discipline has a close relationship with mathematics. Therefore, every famous physics Home, the accomplishments of mathematics are inevitably not low, and many are well-known mathematicians.

Mathematics is a very important subject in science. There are also many mathematical problems waiting for people to crack. Some formulas that are reasonably existable must Really cracking is very difficult. For example, a very simple 1 plus 1 equals 2, which primary school students know, but it is a world-class mathematical problem, called the “Goldbach Conjecture”. This problem has plagued the mathematics industry for countless years. Later, it was attacked by Mr. Chen Jingrun, a famous Chinese mathematician in China. This is the pride of the Chinese.

There are still many math problems that no one can solve yet. For example, we have to say the pi rate today. I believe that friends who have gone to school are familiar with the pi, which is the first wireless we are not in contact with. Cycling decimals, when we were young, the teacher told us that the pi is an inexhaustible number. As we grow older and the knowledge is enriched, many people will ask such a question: Can the pi rate really not be counted? Will the future count human beings in the future?

The pi is proposed by the famous digital family Zu Chongzhi in the Southern and Northern Dynasties of China. One of Zu Chong studied natural science, and his main contributions were in mathematics, astronomical calendar and mechanical manufacturing. On the basis of Liu Hui's precise method of exploring the pi, he first calculated the "pi" rate to the seventh decimal place. We have to admire it. It is too great. This is another Chinese pride.

Since the number of pi is present, I don’t know how many digital homes want to break the pi, but no one can count the pi. Before the computer appeared, people calculated the pi rate by manual calculation. The result was also good. Through the efforts of mathematicians, the pi rate reached 29.36 million after the decimal point. This is the limit of human artificial calculation. It also shows that human ability is Limited, not only a few scholars are calculating the pi of life, until the last moment of life, they have made great contributions to the progress of mankind.

When human power is used to the limit, computers begin to appear. The emergence of computers has allowed mathematicians to rekindle hope. We can use supercomputers to calculate whether the pi will be the number of digits after the decimal point. All calculated? But the result was disappointing. With the help of supercomputers, the calculation of the pi rate has advanced by leaps and bounds, but it still cannot be counted. At present, humans have calculated the pi rate to 2.7 billion after the decimal point. This is a huge number, but it is far away. Not the limit of the pi number, how many bits behind the pi? Is it really exhaustive, is it endless?

Scientists say that there can be no limit in the universe. The number is also the pi, which must have its limits, but it is not what our existing scientific power can do. The pi looks like a normal number. However, it represents that the digital rules have surpassed our existing mathematical arithmetic rules. If we use the existing arithmetic rules, it is impossible to really crack the pi.

If you want to solve the pi and calculate it, you need to upgrade our existing mathematics system. This is very difficult. To break it is too difficult. It is a struggle that requires a civilization for countless years. Once human beings have done it, it means that human civilization will enter a new world. The new science gate will open for mankind, and humans will enter the universe from then on. Advanced civilization.

The new scientific system will make qualitative changes in human civilization, such as the speed of light that is impossible in the existing scientific system. It is entirely possible that the speed of light flying in the new scientific system, and humans will Will enter the real interstellar civilization, out of the solar system, out of the galaxy will no longer be a dream, human beings have the ability to freely explore in the universe, at that time, the algorithm of the pi is no longer the current arithmetic rules, but a kind of With the new rules, it is possible to really crack the pi.

The pi seems to be a very common number, but it is like a Pandora's Box, full of mystery, and perhaps when humans completely crack the pi, it will open another door that can change the world. We look forward to the arrival of this day.

Little friends, do you think that the pi has been counted? Please leave a message below to discuss and express your opinion.