New research: long-term space work will change the astronauts' brain

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New research: long-term space work will change the astronauts' brain

2018-10-25 20:25:42 215 ℃

Recently, a new study shows that the brains of astronauts who have left the Earth for a long time may change, and this change lasts for a long time, which may affect vision.

This new study relies on magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) to scan the brains of 10 International Space Station (ISS) astronauts and find There are measurable differences in the volume of the three major tissues. The findings are the latest in a long-term study of the serious human casualties caused by space travel, but so far, it is unclear what the consequences of these brain changes will be.

Peter zu Eulenburg, professor of neurology at the University of Munich (LMU), said: "This is the first time to quantify in space." Research on the structural changes of the astronauts' brain." Researchers say that although space travel has caused muscle atrophy and bone density to decrease, the impact on human brain tissue remains a mystery.

The researchers found that after astronauts stayed in space, the gray matter volume of the brain decreased and the volume of cerebrospinal fluid in the cortex increased. These findings suggest that long-term space travel may cause white matter volume to be gradually replaced by cerebrospinal fluid. This will affect the agility of the astronauts' vision.