The 57-year puzzle was solved, and astronomy confirmed that there was a pair of things near the moon that was spinning around the earth.

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The 57-year puzzle was solved, and astronomy confirmed that there was a pair of things near the moon that was spinning around the earth.

2018-10-28 00:25:38 351 ℃

In one of the four famous ancient Chinese masterpieces, "Journey to the West", there was such a record. Sun Wukong learned the magical spells from the Bodhisattva ancestors, so you can step on two tendons, one can be up to ten. Ten thousand miles away. However, in reality, it is more interesting. As early as 57 years ago, Polish astronomer Kazimierz Kordylewski first discovered a group of unknown objects called "clouds" in the sky. They are very weak and difficult to be discovered. What are they? There has been a debate.

Scientists have been unable to confirm the discovery of them, so some people have doubts about their existence. Now Hungarian researchers have discovered that they may be a pair of elusive dust clouds, which are located in orbits of 400,000 kilometers from Earth. The research results were recently published in the Royal Astronomical Society Monthly.

The dust cloud is located at a semi-stable point that forms a triangle with the Earth and the Moon. Earlier this year, a team of scientists at the University of Eötvös Loránd in Hungary conducted a computer simulation of the faint Kordylewski cloud (named after the astronomers who discovered it), trying to find out how they were formed and how they could be detected. The scientists eventually A solution to apply polarizing filters was found.

The Judith Salis Barlow Private Observatory in Hungary, scientists installed a linear polarization filter on the camera lens and CCD detector The film system exposed the position of the Kordylewski cloud at point L5. The Earth-Lunar system has five stable points, also known as Lagrangian points, where gravity locks the relative position of the object. Two of them, L4 and L5, form an equilateral triangle with the Earth and the Moon, and they also revolve around the Earth as the Moon orbits.

L4 and L5 are not completely stable because they are disturbed by the sun's gravity. Still, they are still considered to be places where interplanetary dust may accumulate. Kordylewski observed two nearby dust clusters at L5 in 1961. Since then, there have been various research reports, but they are hard to find because they are super-blurred, and many scientists suspect their existence.

The images they observed show polarized light reflected from the dust, extending well beyond the field of view of the camera lens. The observed patterns are consistent with their previous computer simulations and are consistent with the cloud observations first discovered by Kordylewski 57 years ago. The team was able to eliminate optical artifacts and other effects, which meant that the existence of dust clouds was confirmed. They are made up of dust particles that may come from comets, asteroids and planets.

Kordylewski cloud is the most difficult to find two celestial bodies, although they are as close to the Earth as the moon, but astronomical researchers are largely Ignore their existence. This incident is very interesting in itself. Over the earth, there is a pair of dusty pseudolites around the earth in our orbit around the moon neighbors, but most of us don't know. It’s wonderful to have just one solar system, not to mention the Milky Way.

Considering the stability of L4 and L5, scientists believe that it is possible to consider deploying orbital space detectors. With the confirmation of the dust cloud, we must also consider whether these cosmic dusts will threaten the orbiter and Astronaut safety.