Research says: Frequent photos on social platforms can lead to narcissism

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Research says: Frequent photos on social platforms can lead to narcissism

2018-11-13 00:25:36 310 ℃

IT home November 12 news According to the World Wide Web news quoted the British "Daily Mail" news, the new study found that people who like to frequently send pictures and self-portraits on social platforms, are often more narcissistic.

Do you think these are all Hussein? According to the Journal of Open Psychology, researchers at Swansea University (UK) and the University of Milan (Italy) conducted a study by Professor Phil Reed of the Swansea University Department of Psychology. To take the lead, a four-month survey was conducted on 74 individuals aged between 18 and 34.

In addition, the research team also investigated the extent to which these participants used social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The four-month survey showed that people who over-represented on social media increased their narcissism by 25%.

According to the research team's survey, the personality characteristics of narcissists are relatively "obvious" - they are over-loving themselves, pursuing power, and using others, compared to the average person. And those who like to communicate in words on social media, the degree of narcissism is generally not so high.

Professor Phil Reid said that there have been signs that narcissism is related to social media mapping, but it is not known whether narcissists will increase their narcissism in social media. . Now through investigation and research, the results are obvious, frequent self-portraits do increase the degree of narcissism.

Professor Phil Reid said that one-fifth of people may be narcissistic due to excessive use of social media, based on the results of the research team.