Cat from 4,500 years ago! Egyptian archaeologists discover animal mummies

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Cat from 4,500 years ago! Egyptian archaeologists discover animal mummies

2018-11-13 00:25:37 423 ℃

Recently, Egyptian archaeologists announced that seven ancient caves dating from 4,500 years ago were discovered in Segara, a large ancient cemetery about 30 kilometers south of Cairo. Many animal mummies including cats were also found in the tomb.

in the past 6 months In the archaeological work, archaeologists discovered seven tombs on the edge of the Usselkaf Pyramid in Segara, three of which belonged to the period of the ancient kingdom (the 3rd to 6th dynasties of ancient Egypt, about 2686 BC) In 2181 BC, the other four belonged to the New Kingdom period (18th to 20th dynasties in ancient Egypt, about 1553 BC to 1085 BC). A number of well-preserved ancient artifacts were unearthed from these tombs, many of which were animal mummies, including cats, scarabs and crocodiles. In addition, archaeologists have discovered 100 gold-plated cat wood carvings and a bronze cat sculpture. This bronze cat sculpture is believed to be dedicated to the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet, who is often portrayed as a lioness or cat.

Such artifacts reflect the ancient Egyptians' respect for felines. According to archaeologists, cats were used as ritual supplies in ancient Egypt 5,500 years ago. At that time, cats were called "Mau", which played an important role in ancient Egyptian society and was a symbol of grace. Previously, the ancient Egyptians were thought to have been domesticating cats as early as 3,700 BC. Recently, it was said that ancient Egyptians began to domesticate cats around 1950 BC.

In recent years, Egypt’s new discoveries in archaeology have continually attracted visitors from all over the world to explore. In 2017, the number of tourists visiting Egypt reached 8.3 million, a 54% increase over the same period.

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