Climate change affects the composition of the Amazon rainforest tree species

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Climate change affects the composition of the Amazon rainforest tree species

2018-11-13 20:25:32 201 ℃

Xinhua News Agency A study recently published by the University of Leeds, UK, said that climate change is causing a gradual change in the tree species of the Amazon rainforest, but changes in the rainforest The speed is not enough to adapt to changes in the Earth's environment, so it is necessary to strengthen the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

The international team led by Leeds University scholars used long-term collection of Amazonian rainforest vegetation to track and analyze the growth of trees in the area, and published papers in the new issue of Global Change Biology. .

The team found that since the 1980s, global climate change has brought many impacts, such as increased drought, rising temperatures, and elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The changes in the environment have gradually affected the Amazon rainforest. The survival of few species of trees, many trees that prefer humid environments die more frequently, and trees that can adapt to the drier climate are not enough to replace the former.

Dr. Adrienne Esquier Mulbert of the University of Leeds said the data show that drought in recent years has had a major impact on the composition of the Amazonian rainforest, those in front of the drought The probability of death in relatively fragile tree species is high, and the growth rate of tree species that can adapt to this arid environment has not kept up. "The response of the entire ecosystem lags behind the rate of climate change."

Researchers say that in addition to climate change, deforestation associated with agricultural and livestock development has also exacerbated drought conditions in the Amazon region, adding to the ecological pressures facing the rainforest, and therefore need to take steps to strengthen Protection of the Amazon rainforest . (Zhang Jiawei)