The original device is out of alignment, "1 kg" will be redefined, is your body important to recalculate?

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The original device is out of alignment, "1 kg" will be redefined, is your body important to recalculate?

2018-11-16 10:26:18 255 ℃

What is the "1 kilogram"?

Since 1889, kilograms have been defined by a sparkling platinum-iridium alloy cylinder, the "International Kilometer". All modern quality measurements can be traced back to the cylinder, from a few micrograms of medicine to a few kilograms of apples and pears to a few tons of steel or cement.

The original kilogram has been hidden in the underground of Paris (AP)

kg original It has been kept in the underground storage room of the "Breit Palace" in the suburbs of Paris, and is vacuum-sealed with a three-layer bell-shaped glass cover. Opening the storage room requires three different keys, which are kept by three high-ranking seniors, and three people can be taken out at the same time to take out the original.

Every 40 years, the original kilogram will be taken out for cleaning and inspection. It has been "fascinated" four times so far.

Scientists weigh the kilograms of the original (AP)

National Physical Laboratory Ian Robinson, an expert in engineering, materials and electricals, said: "We live in the modern world, where pollutants in the air can adhere to the original kilogram. However, the process of cleaning, touching or using it will change it. The quality. Therefore, this may not be the best way to define quality.”

So, now you need something more permanent to replace it.

Kit original device (AFP) that was taken out of the cover

AP News November On the 13th, it was reported that at the new International Metrology Conference on November 16, scientists were preparing to use the "Planck constant" used to calculate photon energy in quantum mechanics as the new standard.

The kilogram will be defined by a tiny but eternal fundamental value known as the Planck's constant. This involves a device called the “Kibo Balance” that uses the “Planck Constant” to measure the mass of an object by measuring precise electromagnetic forces.

Robinson said: "According to the current system, small quality must be linked to large quality through subdivision. This is very difficult, and the uncertainty will increase rapidly. New) technology allows us to measure quality directly on whatever scale, which is a big step forward.

International Bureau of Metrology Martin Milton said in an interview Defining kilograms will be a time to celebrate, meaning that all international standards units are replaced by new ideas. For the increasingly sophisticated fields of computing, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, climate change research, etc., the measurement unit is accurate to micrograms. It is very necessary.

However, Milton said that they will not discard the retired kilograms of the original, but will continue to save it on the original site and observe what will change in the next few decades.

Milton holds the original kilogram (AP)

At the same time, this The International Metrology Conference is also preparing to use the physical constants to redefine the current unit "ampere", temperature list "Kelvin" and the quantity unit of matter "Moore". Together with "Kilogram", the above new definitions are expected to come into effect in the first half of next year.

Robinson said that the scientific community has spent several years. Time to fine-tune this new definition to ensure a smooth transition process, but he said that while accuracy is a boon to scientists, for the average consumer, redefining does not affect our daily lives.

So, after going to the market to buy potatoes, you won’t be short of two, and your flesh will not be less!

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According to Reuters report on November 12, 1967 re-secondation The definition helps to make the communication around the world more smoothly through technologies such as GPS and the Internet. Similarly, experts believe that changing the definition of kilograms is good for technology, retail and health.

So, it It’s time to “retire.” According to the Associated Press on November 13th, November 16th, the fourteenth year of the fourth Inter metering assembly will be held at the Palace of Versailles in Paris, then, hundreds of scientists will be precise and stable physical constants to redefine "kg".