"Artificial Sun" was born in China, the electronic temperature is as high as 100 million degrees, and Americans are the enemy.

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"Artificial Sun" was born in China, the electronic temperature is as high as 100 million degrees, and Americans are the enemy.

2018-11-16 10:26:21 853 ℃

Using nuclear fusion reactions to generate thermal energy, and then using thermal energy to generate electricity, is called nuclear fusion power generation. It is a technology project that is being researched by the world's major powers. Once successful, it can obtain nearly endless heat and electricity at a very low cost.

How much energy is nuclear fusion power generation? According to the comparative data given by the scientists: the power generation of 1 million tons of coal, with the existing nuclear power plant using nuclear fission technology, requires 5 tons of uranium; if nuclear fusion technology is used, the same power generation requires only 100 kilograms of fuel.

Where does nuclear fusion fuel come from? From the sea, the sputum and sputum in the sea is the fuel. It can be seen that nuclear fusion power generation not only consumes less energy, but also is very clean.

The results are tempting, but the process is not easy. It needs to heat the fusion fuel to temperatures above 100 million degrees, allowing it to undergo nuclear fusion and then use thermal energy. Just look at this temperature to know the difficulty. It is necessary to know that the surface temperature of the sun is only 6000 degrees Celsius, and the core temperature is 15 million degrees. Therefore, the fourth-generation nuclear fusion experimental device is also known as the "artificial sun."

The fourth generation nuclear fusion experimental device in China is the Oriental Super Ring (EAST), designed and developed independently for the plasma. With full intellectual property rights, it is also the world's first non-circular cross-section super-superconducting tokamak. It concentrates on the five extremes of ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, super-current, super-strong magnetic field and ultra-high vacuum. Each limit is a high-tech problem of scientific research. It can be said that every step is extremely difficult, and each step is condensed with Chinese scientific research. The efforts of the people, the leap of each step is an innovative result.

In the near future, China’s “artificial sun” has once again made a major breakthrough. Achieve heating power exceeding 10 MW, plasma energy storage increased to 300 kJ, and synergistic heating in electron cyclotron and low clutter Next, the plasma center electron temperature reached 100 million degrees for the first time.

100 million plasma realized by 2018 EAST Body Discharge

This is not a major breakthrough for China in the “Artificial Sun”. In 2016, the central temperature reached 50 million degrees, and in 2017 it reached 80 million degrees, and then to 100 million this year. degree. These experimental results provide important experimental evidence and scientific support for the advancement of China and international nuclear fusion projects.

When the international community prepared the international cooperation project for controlled nuclear fusion (ITER), the developed countries such as the US, the Soviet Union, and the European Union did not directly play in China in order to maintain their technological superiority. Today, the Oriental Super Ring has become the only experimental device that can provide ITER with a long-pulse steady-state advanced operation high-parameter non-circular plasma platform in the next decade.

"Artificial Sun" Science Equipment

The same kind of things were staged on the later International Space Station and the Galileo navigation system. As a result, it has contributed to China’s “Tiangong” and “Beidou”, and the old faces of the old developed countries have been slammed.

The achievement of such achievements is inseparable from China’s national strength and the silently dedicated scientific and technological personnel. It is precisely because of these two foundations that they have “Hualong No.1” and have Hong Kong-Zhuhai The bridge, with the "嫦娥" of the moon, and the "Dragon" of the deep sea, has a "Made in China" that makes the people proud and makes the international marvel.

Looking at the future, the Chinese government has put forward the "Made in China 2025", vigorously develop high-tech and cutting-edge technology fields, and strive to make China a world-class manufacturing power.

As the world’s number one manufacturing power, Americans are well aware of the meaning of “Made in China 2025” and suddenly become a big enemy. . "The Americans may not know this sentence," but they did. China did not have the ambition to dominate the world. The United States regarded China as the biggest enemy threatening its dominance. As a result, the trade war that harms the interests of both sides is said to be hitting, attempting to stifle China's high-tech cutting-edge technology and ensuring the US technology and economic hegemony.

The soldiers will block the water from the soil. After the trade war came, let’s go, the US warships came back hard, and when they wanted to see each other, they would come over and they didn’t play it!