The antibodies in the cute alpaca may help humans to resist the flu for a long time?

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The antibodies in the cute alpaca may help humans to resist the flu for a long time?

2018-11-20 00:25:44 250 ℃

Speaking of alpaca, everyone is naturally familiar.

Since the alias of the grass mud horse was born, everyone has known this furry and cute little cute.

The temperament is gentle, the smile is splendid, the shape is changeable, and the frame is a set of expressions.

Studies who know a little bit may know that the economic value of alpaca farming now lies mainly in its fluffy Mao, while the other parts are basically unattended.

Alpaca meat, alpaca milk, although occasionally some people taste the taste, but it is always useless.

But now, the scientists said, maybe the greater value of the alpaca is not in this body hair, but in... alpaca blood!

More precisely, it is an antibody in the blood of alpaca.

The latest issue of Science magazine, anti-American alpaca antibodies can help mice fight the flu virus!

And in theory, it can also help people avoid the flu, providing long-term protection!

This news was shocked by many people.

Because of the long-acting vaccine for the flu, it is really too rare for the wife.

Let’s talk about the vaccine first. The role of the vaccine is to bring your body's immune system to the lead, tell them that everyone comes to know Kazakhstan, this is a virus, we quietly approach it from behind... Chicken tastes crisp!

And your body's immune system, know the virus from the vaccine, when you are really exposed to the virus, you can react quickly and gather to destroy it.

However, this perfect operating system does not work for the flu.

Because the flu virus is too embarrassing, it will suddenly change.

The hemagglutinin on its surface allows the virus to infect healthy cells. Most human vaccines currently target the trimer structure of the top of hemagglutinin.

But the vaccine just made the immune system realize that "the virus with this structure is the virus to be eliminated." The flu virus makes it mutate! The structure is different!

Therefore, human flu vaccines can't keep up with the speed of mutations, and they have been unable to develop effective long-term vaccines.

But the alpaca is not the same.

The antibody in the alpaca is not a trimeric structure that is susceptible to mutation, but a connection structure between the trimer and the virus. Thislink >The stems hardly change over time, and the stems and leaves of different influenza viruses are very similar.

Any seventy-two changes, I will recognize this link in your hand!

So, if you really develop a vaccine, how can it be mutated, or it can be successfully identified by your immune system.

The doctors developed a synthetic antibody by mixing four different American alpaca antibodies.

To test the effects of antibodies, the researchers exposed different groups of mice to lethal doses of different influenza viruses.

The effect is obvious:

The mice in the placebo group died almost in a week or two.

Most of the mice that received the medium dose survived and a small percentage died.

All mice that received the highest dose of alpaca antibody survived.

This effect is simply exciting.

This means that if you really develop it successfully, you may not have to fight the flu every year! Don't hesitate to flu every year!

Maybe, we will be able to receive a vaccine in the future, and we will have peace of mind.

If you can really not be troubled by the flu in the future, it is really an alpaca for the benefit of mankind.

You don't have to worry about the future of the cute llama. After all, extracting antibodies from the alpaca does not require you to kill it indefinitely~

I hope I can wait until that day. No need to be bothered by the flu~