5 billion light years away! 80 solar qualities! The biggest double black hole in history has merged and appeared!

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5 billion light years away! 80 solar qualities! The biggest double black hole in history has merged and appeared!

2018-12-04 20:25:20 437 ℃

In the distant space of 5 billion light-years from the Earth, the two galaxies are close to each other and rotated by each other under the attraction of strong gravity. In the deadly spiral of hundreds of millions of years, a large amount of matter and gas are sprayed out. Eventually, two black holes in the center of the galaxy violently collide and merge into one, and a huge black hole equivalent to 80 solar masses is born!

The super-energy released by the combination of black holes causes the space-time structure of the universe to vibrate, and the matter close to five solar masses is gravitational waves. The form spread far into space and was detected by the American Laser Interference Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) and the European Virgo Gravitational Wave Detector.

The newly confirmed four gravitational wave event codes are GW170729, GW170809, GW170818 and GW170823, respectively. Together with the 7 gravitational waves previously detected by scientists, humans have discovered the mysterious traces of gravitational waves for the first time since 2015. A total of 11 times felt the turbulence of the universe's space-time oscillations. Ten of the 11 gravitational wave events were combined by a double black hole, and the other was the result of a collision of two neutron stars.

Among the 20 merged black holes, 8 are equivalent to 30 to 40 solar masses, and 6 are 20 solar masses, 3 equals more than a dozen solar masses, two with only 7 or 8 solar masses, and the largest one with a black hole reaching 50 times the mass of the sun.

The farthest and weakest gravitational wave signal that scientists have detected so far is generated by the merger of this black hole and another 34 solar-mass black holes 5 billion years ago. Before the solar system and the birth of the Earth 400 million years ago, the two black holes joined forces to create a massive gravitational shock wave. The resulting space-time ripple spanned a long distance of 5 billion light years and was "listened" by the wisdom of 2.5 million years of life on Earth. .

At a seminar held in Maryland last weekend, scientists from the LIGO and Virgo cooperation projects announced the latest four Confirmed gravitational waves. Susan Scott, Principal Investigator of the Australian National University's Center for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav), explained that the results also included the fastest of all the discovered black holes.

Colm Talbot of Monash University in Australia pointed out that every black hole is formed by a massive star collapsed at the end of life because it cannot withstand its own gravity. By studying these black holes, we are equivalent to playing the role of the "archaeologist" of the universe, to better understand how the giants of the universe are dying.

It is understood that this discovery stems from the cleanup of the archived data by scientists in 2017, with LIGO and Virgo next year. The third observation in spring, as well as instrument sensitivity improvement and data mining technology advancement, are expected to have more gravitational wave events surfaced.

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