The Himalayan glaciers melted out of the lake. What happened at the same time made scientists feel scared.

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The Himalayan glaciers melted out of the lake. What happened at the same time made scientists feel scared.

2018-12-14 00:25:51 167 ℃

"Global warming" is an objective fact that scientists have confirmed. Now the annual melting rate of glaciers is accelerating, the scope is expanding, and the ice caps of the Antarctic and the Arctic are melting, revealing that they are under the ice sheet. The continental shelf, these reports have also appeared in the news in recent years. Even the glaciers of the Himalayas, the highest mountain in the world, are beginning to melt. Recently, scientists have discovered that a glacier in the Himalayas has melted. After the melting of the glaciers, a lake has emerged that has surprised scientists, but other things that appear in the eyes of scientists have made scientists feel scared.

How did things happen? After melting a glacier in the Himalayas, a lake was formed. In a casual sightseeing tour, people discovered the terrible things. In an accidental opportunity, scientists went around the lake and unexpectedly discovered A large number of skeleton remains in this lake. According to rough statistics, there are hundreds of people in this glacier. It took scientists decades to study the causes of death of these people and to unravel the reasons why these bones have been preserved here.

Time can be traced back to the Second World War. In fact, at the beginning, people thought that these wills were Japanese soldiers who invaded China. But others would think that these bones were General Singh and his soldiers, because these people disappeared near the Himalayas after the Battle of Tibet. However, after careful study by scientists, it was discovered that the spearheads, leather slippers and rings near these remains were overturned by the soldiers.

But the scientists found that the heads of these wills suffered a fatal blow in their A very small hole was left above the skull. The experts speculated that the death of these dead humans may have been caused by huge hail. There has been such a precedent in history. According to the records, in about 1932, a hail was laid in the south of China, which caused a tragedy of more than 200 deaths and thousands of injuries.

The experts did not point out where these human beings came from, and what caused them to die here. So many people speculate that it may be caused by avalanche disease or other non-human factors, or killed by others. This place has now become a tourist attraction, and you can also go and see it yourself if you are not afraid.