If China develops a speed flying saucer in five years, what impact will it have on the world?

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If China develops a speed flying saucer in five years, what impact will it have on the world?

2018-12-14 00:25:51 166 ℃

The UFO is considered to be the "mountain" of aliens. It is also known as UFO. They come and go without a trace. If China develops a flying saucer within five years and the speed of light reaches the speed of light, how will it affect the world?

The speed of light aircraft, which has only been seen in science fiction movies, with such an aircraft, to the neighboring stars only It takes four years (the past four years of Earth time, the occupants in the spacecraft will not feel the passage of time), the Chinese represent the first human civilization to rush out of the solar system to reach the Centaurus alpha galaxies, and found the neighbors observed at the beginning. Star b has the atmosphere and the liquid water flowing on the surface, but the oxygen content is very low, only 10%. The first light speed spacecraft is named Shenzhou No.1, the purpose is to investigate whether the neighboring star b is livable.

Of course, all of the above are imagined. If China really achieves the technology in the title five years later, it can be said that it has been leading the world for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years. It is impossible to imagine what achievements have been made in the past five years.

There are still many technical problems that have not been resolved

If you want to surpass beyond constant acceleration The speed of light, that does not work, the theory of relativity has already given you a limit of death, the spacecraft can never reach the speed of light, because then, you need an unlimited amount of energy to do the power.

For the speed of light of 300,000 kilometers per second, humans are now reaching the third speed of the universe, and the speed of light is too far away at 16.5 kilometers per second. Don't think that it is impossible to reach the speed of light with material movement, or it is too far. Discussing this has no practical meaning. So this flying saucer can only be a technology such as flying through a speed.

There is also an energy issue

This speed cannot be achieved with human energy use. It is really unimaginable to achieve a lot of energy, that is to say, it can not be used.

The large particle collider may have heard of it, which can accelerate the particle to near the speed of light, but this kind of equipment is very costly and expensive to maintain. This is why Yang Zhenning did not recommend China to build large particle pairs. One of the reasons for the collision is that even the power of a country can not afford it, not to mention the fact that a country needs to develop more than just aircraft.

But the ultra-high-speed aircraft is indeed a focus of research in big countries. More is to use the special aerodynamic layout of the wave body, coupled with a powerful propeller, so that the missile can reach several times the speed of sound. Flying around the world within 2 hours, such an aircraft has a very large deterrent, because the existing defense system is difficult to intercept, if you bring a nuclear warhead, hehe. However, such weapons may be more strategic in nature, and the more special the equipment is, the more special it can be, and the number of countries that cannot be maintained.

But nothing has been felt, if China suddenly has a major breakthrough in superstring theory or other theories tomorrow, it can be Epic figures and Newton, Einstein access the same level and integrate their theories and put forward an unprecedented historical height theory, plus the great advantages of China's application field, five years dare not say that the UFO should be no problem within ten to twenty years. !

Article source: Caiye.