The mystery of killing stone, as long as the insect climbs up, it will die

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The mystery of killing stone, as long as the insect climbs up, it will die

2018-12-24 00:25:37 204 ℃

The killing stone is a poisonous stone on the hills of Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Whether it is an insect or a bird, it will soon die if it comes into contact with it.

According to scientists, this poisonous stone is mostly near the crater, due to the sulfite and hydrogen sulfide sprayed by the volcano. The gas is immersed and smoked, which makes it toxic. Some temples moved it and treated it as a god.

Local residents refer to this stone as "killing stone"! Whenever there is a place where the stone is killed, the residents will mark it with a pen to prevent poisoning!

What is the formation of the killing stone?

There was a report saying that someone had retaliated against the enemy. One, using the ore containing uranium to create a Guanyin image for the enemy, a few years later the enemy family died, they thought that the home yin is too heavy haunted, in fact, the principle of killing stone mystery is similar.

The same is true of the mysterious killing stone that is actually uploaded. It contains a lot of radiant energy, which has caused side effects to the surrounding environment and caused panic. Just like the supernatural phenomenon of the spiritual event, it is actually not the world. There really is a ghost, but the magnetic field effect of a certain dimension of the earth.

About the killing stone, Japanese folklore has a white-faced golden-haired nine-tailed fox, which has been transformed into a beautiful woman to seduce all over Asia. The king, the corrupt government, the misfortune of the people, the legend about the jade algae, is famous for the distortion of "killing the stone." Once upon a time, there were a dozen foxes, yellow hair and white ears. In the scorpion of Tianzhu, it was turned into a scorpion of the Mount Mandala. After coming to China, he became the king of Yin Yuwang. After crossing Japan, it became the predecessor of the bird feather emperor. No matter where it is, this demon fox is enchanting and behaving.

Article source: Caiye.