Scientists were silent when they received the latest photos from Mars Curiosity?

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Scientists were silent when they received the latest photos from Mars Curiosity?

2019-01-31 10:26:12 250 ℃
< p > < br > Mars has long been considered the most suitable planet for human interstellar migration by human scientists, because its mass is very similar to that of the Earth, and scientists also believe that Mars is liquid water, but no evidence has been found, and the current technology is not very developed, so we can not find any strong evidence on Mars, although now. There are many probes to explore Mars, but the information they can capture is limited.

Now Curiosity has sent back many pictures taken on Mars to the earth. These pictures are very precious. Compared with the previous pictures, this time, the pictures returned by Curiosity have made scientists very excited. What kind of pictures have made scientists so excited?

The following picture shows that there are fan-shaped structures in the photos. Scientists explain that such structures are called alluvial fan-shaped structures, which are very exciting to scientists when found on Mars. Because this means that there may have been surface water on Mars, and that the surface water can flow, that is to say, there may have been water on Mars.

and scientists also believe that the formation of alluvial fan-shaped structure is not possible, because only the impact of water, we all know that rocks are very hard, can be impacted into fan-shaped structure, certainly not formed in a day, so this proves that the existence of liquid water on Mars is also a long time, after all, short. It is impossible to fan rocks in time.

So this time Curiosity returned a picture that let scientists once again determine that there is a lot of liquid water on the surface of Mars. But Xiaobian can't help wondering why Mars has become dry now. Where are these liquid water going?

In fact, scientists have made hypotheses before, because the regional structure of Mars is similar to the geological structure of the Earth, so it may be that Mars was a large blue water sphere long ago, the Earth is also occupied by liquid water in most areas, there are many plants, maybe Mars also exists. Highly intelligent creatures like humans also have other advanced civilizations. Scientists are silent after receiving the latest photos from Mars Curiosity.

Because Mars also encounters asteroids in space like Earth, like dinosaurs on Earth, which we can confirm through a large number of craters on Mars, maybe because Mars was hit by many asteroids, it led to the complete extinction of life on Mars. At the same time, the weakness of these asteroids led to the destruction of Mars'atmosphere, and soon the liquid water disappeared. And there may be massive volcanic eruptions on Mars. When these magmas are ejected, they will only accelerate the evaporation of water on Mars. So maybe these are the reasons why Mars was formed, and now some regions have unique geological structures.

But Xiaobian still thinks that we can imagine the idea of biological destruction on Mars. After all, just looking at the location of Mars in the solar system, we know that this location is not easy to be attacked by a large number of meteorites. Moreover, extraterrestrial technology is really well developed and may have been able to control asteroids for a long time. After all, it is possible to pull in space with human technology now, and a small operation can also be realized. So it is also possible when we do not know where extraterrestrial technology has developed. But Xiaobian knows that these are speculations, and there is no evidence. Scientists still need to work hard to find evidence about the mysterious veil of Mars.