Crocodile couples who have been mating for more than 40 years and have not yet given birth have finally found out the cause of the disease uuuuuuuuu Men's silence and women's tears!

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Crocodile couples who have been mating for more than 40 years and have not yet given birth have finally found out the cause of the disease uuuuuuuuu Men's silence and women's tears!

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< p > Crocodile, a kind of creature that looks overbearing just from the outside:

neither human nor other creatures dare to approach crocodiles easily,

In many people's hearts,

ferocious crocodile is absolutely one of the animals at the top of the food chain.


Recently, a crocodile has suffered the greatest humiliation of its life,

in front of people all over the world. -<< strong><


It is a male Cayman crocodile, 50 years old this year,

Feelings so good, it must not be difficult to give birth to a baby for both of them, maybe it can also be full of children and grandchildren! However

< p>

< p> let zoo people not think that

< p> mating for more than 40 years, two years more than half a century, these two dead and alive is not to give birth to crocodile baby, let alone hope to hold grandchildren

< p> zoo staff for one wave after another, visitors come wave after wave, you never have the opportunity to see these two dolls.

(Crocodile Hektor and Luiza)

"In the breeding season each year, Hektor and Luiza are obviously enthusiastic about each other, but they have never produced offspring. Every year during the breeding season, everyone in the zoo will see Hektor's efforts on Luiza,

It's really mad efforts, really, often splashing a pile of water out of the original calm pond,

and Hektor's voice is still very loud every time he clicks, thousands of tourists can hear his voice...

. But Luiza has never produced fertilized eggs..."

Talking about these two, the zoo staff are also confused.

Are there any diseases between the two?

After all kinds of examinations, these two people are very healthy, and there is nothing that will affect the reproductive problems.

Is it for hair??!! Everyone is really in a fog..........................................................................................

But not long ago, several animal experts and doctors from Germany came to Poznan Zoo in Poland to visit,

During the visit, these experts learned about the special situation of the two crocodiles,

and the zoo staff, as well as the curious experts who were curious to know why they were healthy. Kang's two crocodiles mated for decades before they were able to give birth to babies.

So under the arrangement of the Poznan Zoo,

experts from Germany made a comprehensive examination of the two crocodiles.

After examination, Luiza has no problem,

then, the "culprit" who can not give birth to children can only be the public crocodile Hektor. Experts immediately made a more detailed inspection of Hektor:

from head to foot, from inside to outside, Hektor Hektor was inspected by experts from inside to outside, inside Eventually, the reasons for not having a baby for decades have been found!!

emmmm... The reason is simple...

may have been overlooked by everyone before...

The reason is that the Hektor is still a little too small

"For reptiles, the size of the younger brother is very important during the reproductive period,

although Hektor makes unusual efforts every mating and reproductive period, But because his brother is too young, his efforts are basically in vain.

Expert calm expression.

For this result, the zoo owners are a little speechless

These two days, this sad, inexplicable and funny thing has been reported by numerous media,

The media obviously never considered Hektor's self-esteem at all, how simple and crude it is:

Because the younger brother is too small, he is in waves. Crocodiles in the orchid zoo for more than 40 years have never been able to conceive a baby.

(Hektor's name is also directly disclosed in the subtitle below...)

"They have not had children for 50 years, because the male crocodile's brother is too young."

"The crocodile mating in the zoo has been fruitless for 46 years, because the male crocodile's brother is so young."

The whole world knows now that a male crocodile brother named Hektor in Poznan Zoo, Poland, is young...

The staff of the zoo recently said:

If we want to know this reason, we should fertilize the two crocodiles in vitro. Maybe there will be crocodile babies long ago. But now Hektor and Luiza are both too old to be fertilized in vitro, so they have to be Dink. But

even if he can fertilize in vitro, it is estimated that Hektor is not in the mood to do these things now.

has worked hard for ten years to live and die. Now that's all right, because some silly expert, his younger brother and his younger brother are now completely known to the whole world!

Face-sweeping! The humiliation is the greatest! uuuuuuuuuuu There is no mood to have children!! (Fall

(Stay! Let me go into the water and calm myself ()

Dale's Daisy One: I thought they were two homosexuals. It turned out that I was simple. Lovely her handsome man: This situation should commend the female crocodile, do not dislike him, but also pretend ah oh oh oh oh oh oh... Half a century, waste < p > the circle is not round oh: I thought it was naive to go the wrong way.

Chelsea Champion_Second Term: It's the cloaca, it's all a door

Elephant, you have several ears: So that circle of water spray may be the movement ddduan_Lori Rose Yellow when the female crocodile beats him: or don't want it, so as not to have a litter of small male crocodiles come out, and worry about people

cigarette smoke climbing the wall, the end point is: male crocodile: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-wife, don't move me in. Come ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

LJ vast: haha... Losing crocodiles...

Everything is good,

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