Does the Moon have water? The answer has been revealed, Chang'e No. 4 will tell you.

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Does the Moon have water? The answer has been revealed, Chang'e No. 4 will tell you.

2019-01-31 10:26:16 876 ℃
With the further development of China's lunar exploration project, many secrets about the moon have been unraveled. I think there is no water source on the moon. This may be a problem that has been troubling us all the time. And as early as 2009, NASA announced that they had discovered water on the surface of the moon? In fact, this is the first time that humans have confirmed the existence of water on the surface of the moon since launching a spacecraft in 1959.

In fact, many astronauts and lunar space probes have been landing on the moon, indicating that the moon has always been a barren planet, and there is no water source. Even many researchers have doubts about the tester, believing that the instrument failed to detect water on the lunar surface.

In 2009, NASA used a rocket and probe weighing 2.2 tons to hit the crater of the moon's Antarctic continuously, and found at least 96 litres of water in the splashed material. Such discoveries are indeed water sources, and the Moon reveals a mysterious side, and in 2010 American astronauts found at least 10 meteorite craters on the surface of the Moon containing at least 600 million tons of water.

Where does the water on the lunar surface come from? Some scientists think it may be from comets or asteroids that hit the moon. Of course, it is also possible that at the beginning of the formation of the moon there was water in the solar system, so the moon itself carried a lot of water. Later, according to scientists in the United States, it was the solar wind that carried hydrogen atoms to the surface of the moon and converted them into water molecules. Chang'e-4 has been exploring deep in the crater near the Antarctic pole on the back of the moon. I think with the deepening of the research, there will surely be new discoveries on the surface of the moon. I wonder if there is water on the moon. The answer has been revealed. What's Chang'e No. 4's opinion on telling you about this? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.