How long can a cat made of liquid stretch? The answer is so long that you can't believe it.

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How long can a cat made of liquid stretch? The answer is so long that you can't believe it.

2019-01-31 10:26:19 484 ℃
For cat lovers, eating and sleeping together is the right way to open up their lives. However, cats are not only popular nowadays, but also loved by literati and refined scholars in ancient times. Lu You wrote in his Nov. 4 Rain and Wind Works: "The brook firewood is soft and warm, and I do not go out with the beaver slaves."

It is well known that cats are made of "liquid", so how about some netizens fully open the brain holes and lengthen them? After investigating the owner of (xi) cats, found that their bodies really seemed to have eaten rubber fruits and could stretch to an unimaginable length (

meow: Who am I? Where am i? What am I going to do?

Benmei is the thinnest meow in this street

This shit shovel officer, please control your uprightness

Just ask you, do not take it?

Why do cats have this skill? Put your chin away and let's have a look. Why can cats elongate?

Modern domestic cats are most likely descendants of Egyptian desert cats. They have coexisted with humans for 3500 years, but they have not been completely domesticated as dogs because of their low coordination.

Cats have 290 skeletons, including five more vertebrae than humans. The key reason why cats become "fluid" is trunk skeleton. The trunk skeleton consists of 58 to 85 skeletons with the outline of the spine and chest.

The bones of the cat's spine are all orthomorphic bones, and the ribs are long arch bones , and these bones are relatively small, which makes the cat's thorax deep and narrow, which is conducive to the compression of the sternum.

Cat's whole body joints, especially in the cervical spine, between the cartilage and ligament of the joints, are much softer than other animals. So the cat will stretch like a spring. Why do cats like to drill boxes? The flexible body of

cats makes them very fond of drilling into various small containers. Studies have found that cats like to drill boxes is related to their living habits formed in ancient times. Wild cats like to sleep in tree holes or cracks in rocks, because the area is so narrow that many large animals can't get into it. It's safe for cats to sleep in tree holes or cracks in rocks.

Although cats have been spoiled for many years now, their natural habit of drilling into small spaces has not changed, which is why cats like to drill into boxes.

Of course, besides cats, other cats are also very flexible, and even the largest cat, the tiger, can drill large cardboard boxes, which may be the collective subconscious left by the common ancestors.

Also, I don't know if you have noticed that the shoulders of cats are very narrow, because the clavicles of cats degenerate badly, which is also very conducive to their passage through narrow areas. < p > < strong > Cat's amazing flexibility < / strong > < p > < strong > < p > < p > < strong > When cats stretch their spines, they can obviously grow a lot longer < / strong > than usual. Other cats, such as tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and so on, also have this action. Some of the actions in yoga were invented by imitating cats stretching their spines.

The flexibility of cats makes them far more capable of hunting than canines, so cats except lions are hunted alone, while canines are mostly hunted in groups.

In addition, cats have claws that allow them to climb trees, even so-called tigers that can not climb trees can climb trees. However, many inexperienced cats can climb up, but do not know how to get down, they can only stay in the tree and wait for human rescue.