What will happen if the circumference ratio is exhausted?

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What will happen if the circumference ratio is exhausted?

2019-01-31 10:26:21 257 ℃
< p > Mathematically, the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle is called pi, which is about 3.1415926. This is an irrational number that many people first came into contact with. Since ancient times, many people have been addicted to calculating the circumference. Four thousand years ago, the ancient Babylonian Kingdom recorded that the circumference pi = 3.125. In ancient China, Liu Hui and Zuchong used circular cutting to calculate pi between 3.1415926 and 3.1415927. By modern supercomputers, the circumference rate has been calculated to 10 trillion decimal places. It has been proved that Pi is still an irrational number. Infinite non-circular decimal.

There may be doubts about how to know that Pi is inexhaustible. It's possible to find that PI can be counted out all the time, but we haven't counted it yet. What would happen if one day the mathematician suddenly declared that the circumference rate had been exhausted?

As early as 1947, Ivan Nevin used calculus and proof to prove that Pi is irrational. The circumference rate has been reasoned logically. If PI can be counted out in the future, it is a rational number. Not only the mathematical system needs to be re-established, but also the scientific measurement standards need to be overturned and re-established. If the circumference can be calculated, then circumcision proves that dividing a circle to a certain extent and "circle" is exactly equal to "regular polygon", which means that there is no real "circle" in fact, and the smooth curve of a circle is actually countless small line segments. This shows that the curve does not exist, because there is no curve, the graphics in geometry will become confused. The idea and method of calculating the area covered by curves in calculus are also wrong. Limit accumulation theory will not exist. Calculus will be subverted and mathematical buildings will collapse. If the circumference ratio is exhausted, which means that calculus is wrong, the integrated circuits made by modern people with calculus knowledge will not exist, nor will the electronic instruments we use, nor will the analog orbits made by calculus in space engineering appear, or say that everything that appears is blind. Many constants in physics are related to pi. If the irrational number Pi is modified to a rational number, the electronic orbits of the molecule atoms that make up matter may become unstable, and it is difficult for matter to condense and form, and the whole world will be involved.

Of course, the determination of the circumference is undoubtedly an irrational number, which can not be counted out. But why do so many people calculate the number of digits of pi? Is there any practical significance?

In fact, circumference PI has become a yardstick to test the ability of supercomputers and can assist the development of supercomputers. Because the calculation of the circumference is too complex, it is difficult to calculate with a general computer, so the computer with better operation ability and stability can calculate more digits after the PI decimal point. When Intel launched the Pentium series, it found a BUG, which was discovered by calculating the circumference. Pi can help people improve technology.

Pi is the most useful in cryptography. Important text information is usually encrypted by encryption algorithm, and then parameters are added to form ciphertext. This parameter is the key. When deciphering a password, the first thing we need to find is the key. There are usually two ways to form the key. Generally, some paragraphs or random numbers generated by computer are selected from literary books or words. The former is easy to be deciphered and found. The random numbers generated by computer software are all pseudo-random numbers, which are traceable and not real random numbers. Number of machines. At this time, mathematicians will use PI decimal and splice prime numbers to generate real random numbers and encrypt important information.

Assuming that a country suddenly finds that the circumference rate is not irrational, it can start to cycle after the 100th billion bit, and PI becomes a cyclic number, which is equivalent to the circumference rate being calculated. Then the information intercepted on the battlefield may be deciphered, and there will be major loopholes in the computer system. It can be seen from this that when Pi is exhausted, a series of events will occur that will subvert our cognition, which is much more complicated than imagination. The supercomputer calculates the circumference, not to exhaust it, but to use the circumference to test the performance of the computer itself.