The existence of oxygen depends entirely on it. If it were not for its appearance, all human beings would cease to exist.

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The existence of oxygen depends entirely on it. If it were not for its appearance, all human beings would cease to exist.

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Many people think that oxygen is a necessity of life. If one day we don't have oxygen, then we may suffocate and die. This point can be seen from the fact that we have to take oxygen cylinders with us when diving and landing in space. The importance of oxygen is also known. When exploring habitable planets, we often regard the existence of oxygen as one of the criteria. But you should also know that oxygen is not really a good thing.

Maybe oxygen is a kind of poisonous gas. If not for this kind of gas, maybe there was another phenomenon on the earth hundreds of millions of years ago. In ancient times, the atmosphere was primitive, and the existing gases were only greenhouse gases such as methane and ammonia. Therefore, there was another kind of life on earth at that time, which was called anaerobic organism. Later, due to the emergence of cyanobacteria, oxygen came onto the earth stage, which was irremediable and eventually led to a tragedy.

Anaerobic organisms are harvested by oxygen, and the whole earth is filled with oxygen. This period is called the period of toxic gas by scientists. Later, the earth ushered in a new batch of creatures, which are our ancestors of oxygen life on earth. Through continuous development, oxygen has never disappeared, on the contrary, it is increasing gradually. During the Carboniferous period, the oxygen content doubled as high as 35% because of the excessive amount of plants that could produce photosynthesis. The question arises

If there were no cyanobacteria on the earth at that time, or if there were another organism that would release other gases, how much would the earth change today? It is possible that dinosaurs will not appear. It is possible that thousands of years of Chinese culture will no longer exist. It is even possible that because there were no blue algae on the earth at that time, the earth will be in a dead end, and the earth will become a planet with no chance of life. < p > < p > < / P > < img SRC = "/ 1ydzximg / 0L FlNEKGEy" / > < p > So we should be glad that all these are so coincidental. Fortunately, the emergence of cyanobacteria has created an oxygen, which has laid a solid foundation for our emergence. So will this oxygen problem change in the future? This is a worrying issue.