Embarrassment! The International Space Station's $19 million toilet exploded. Astronauts seem to be more upset.

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Embarrassment! The International Space Station's $19 million toilet exploded. Astronauts seem to be more upset.

2019-02-09 09:18:22 328 ℃

In other words, when

mentions the International Space Station (ISS), many people's first thoughts are mysterious, high-tech, upgrade...

But the latest news has made ISS a little embarrassed...

That is, their $19 million toilet exploded...

According to Russian media reports, the toilets in the US region of ISS suddenly broke down just last week.

"Our colleagues in the Tranquillity module suffered an accident last Friday," a person familiar with the matter told reporters, "More than 10 liters of liquid leaked out before the problem was solved..." It's really troublesome for so many liquids to get into the capsule under weightlessness, "My colleagues have to use towels to collect these liquids."

Just thinking about this picture makes people laugh and cry. In addition to causing trouble, another problem caused by liquid leakage is "waste". It is well known that water is the key condition for astronauts to survive and work.

According to NASA, crew members of the International Space Station must save as much water as possible - about 2 litres per person per day, and they need to expand their allocation by collecting, cleaning and reusing wastewater. That's one of the reasons why astronauts are so busy collecting liquids.

This bad toilet looks like

Does it not look like a normal toilet at all...?

It doesn't even have a door...

Because the ISS is the size of a football field and does not have enough space to take care of too much privacy,

astronauts can only pull a curtain when they need to go to the toilet, and it is embarrassing to catch up...

But don't underestimate this seemingly rudimentary toilet, which the United States bought from Russia for $19 million! Because NASA thought it was cheaper to buy directly from Russia than to make it by itself.

(Howard was crying in the toilet...)

There was a "miniature municipal water treatment system" in the toilet. It took about 8 days to recycle 80%-85% of urine into drinking water.

Although the recycling process was slow, it also completely achieved the real waste utilization.

In other words, what is the use of this million-dollar toilet in the end?

many astronauts have taken videos to introduce (Tucao) too.





First, the toilet is arranged in detail. First, the toilet is arranged in this way, the toilet The results of this study are as follows:1. Aim at... The

tube will inhale the excreted liquid by inhalation effect, enter the system, and begin to filter along the bad path...

Big size is more troublesome... Did you see the white container? It's the astronaut's toilet... The principle of

is the same as that of the tubular trumpet, which relies on the "inhalation effect" of the fan.

Astronauts will first lay a bag underneath, tie it tightly, and then push it into the container.

When using, astronauts need to tie themselves to safety belts, otherwise they can easily float away...

and put your fart on the toilet... Because the opening of the toilet container is very small, they will choose to aim directly at the opening of the container,

and then need very accurate "aiming", otherwise they may float out...

astronauts said that in some ways, this toilet is also convenient, because it can be carried out in both large and small sizes... Uh...

Cough, of course, toilets also have more intimate places, such as straw paper...

There are various kinds of papyrus in it, rough and soft...

Although as long as "aiming", excreta will fall into the place exactly and then be absorbed... But accidents are always inevitable...

That's why gloves and sterile paper towels are also prepared on the edge of straw paper so as not to need to be operated carelessly.

Hmm... The environment like

is really not comfortable, and

also makes many astronauts feel palpitated when they return to Earth to talk about the toilet. For example, Peggy Whitson, an astronaut who spent a record 665 days in space, told reporters that although space exploration was "very satisfying", she would never miss going to the bathroom, "like camping."

"Trumpets are relatively easy, but trumpets are really challenging because you're aiming at a huge hole."

"When the container is full, you have to put on rubber gloves and tidy up everything..."

Narrow environment, narrow toilet, troublesome operation facilities, just normal use has been a tragedy,

But now, more terrible problems have occurred,

toilet is broken...

Although the news did not specify why the toilet exploded, this is not the first time that an ISS toilet had an accident.

In 2009, the toilet broke down once because of the failure of the liquid separator.

and it is known that this toilet will break every other time... Every time

, what had been "inhaled" would be poured back into the capsule from pipes and containers...

and then drifting all over the cabin...

NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore once euphemistically described an experience of "flooding the Golden Mountains",

"If you use fish as an analogy, there has been such a special case, it is you... When something runs out, call it "brown salmon."

"You have to capture it back, and then the whole process is very funny. This is something that will never happen on Earth."

Okay, you can imagine... Fortunately,

although the toilet is broken and difficult to clean up, these astronauts need not hold back,

because there is another toilet in the Russian area of ISS that can be borrowed...

Although going to the bathroom there may be laughed at, it's better than holding up!

is also suffering the astronauts...


Angry Fat Grape: Was it the zero gravity discharge system of Warowitz??

Force Yu: What if you have diarrhea, it's too bad

V Concealment: Do you have time for a brief history? I have time to collect excrement

dumplings sugar: I can't imagine that life in space has been so inconvenient for such a long time, and there is no way to improve it

Mars roller: toilet in space is a serious matter

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