A simple high school experiment reveals an incredibly false world

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A simple high school experiment reveals an incredibly false world

2019-02-09 09:18:24 273 ℃

As one of the top ten classical physics experiments in the world, the double slit experiment has caused many physicists and scientists a lot of headaches. The double-slit experiment is an optical experiment, but many people say that the light-slit experiment is actually horrible. It makes people doubt the phenomena that we see in the world. Next, let's see why the double-slit experiment is terrible. Let's go down together.

In quantum mechanics, the double-slit experiment is an experiment that demonstrates the fluctuation and particle properties of photons or electrons and other micro-objects. Double-slit experiment is a kind of "double-path experiment". In this broader experiment, microscopic objects can reach the final point from the initial point through two paths at the same time or through any of them.

Two-slit interference experiment: Light consists of photons. If a candle is placed in front of a paper with a small hole, a paper is placed behind it, and two vertical seams are opened on the back of the paper. With the light source of the candle, the light will be projected onto the screen behind the second sheet of paper, so that we can understand that there will be two light stripes on the screen, but there are a series of light stripes alternating with shade on the screen. This is the double slit interference fringes discovered by scientists. Light has interference phenomenon. It also proves that light has wave-particle duality, but this need not be ignored.

So scientists want to observe this phenomenon carefully, using a scientific device to observe at the micro level, to observe how photons interfere between the two slits. A magical thing happened. When we observed it carefully with scientific equipment, the interference of light disappeared and became our understanding. There were only two vertical lights, and several bright and dark stripes disappeared.

Scientists installed particle detectors in front of double slits to see which slit a single electron actually passed through, and the bright and dark stripes disappeared on the screen. That is to say, the single electron emitted did not pass through both slits at the same time, but only through one of them, which indicates that the electron was penetrated in the form of a particle at this time. After double slits, the particles hit the screen one by one to form a long light pattern.

and when the scientist withdraws the detector without observing which slit the particle moves through, the bright and dark lines appear again on the screen! At this time, an electron passes through two slits at the same time, which indicates that the observation of the electron will affect the state of the electron. Whether the electron is a particle or a wave depends on the observation of the outside world!
The bizarre phenomenon of

seems to be that electrons are living, that when discovered, they become particle states, that when not discovered, they become wave states secretly, totally subverting cognition. When a single photon passes through the baffle and opens the detector instantaneously, it has become a fact that a single photon passes through two slits. When we observe its motion path, we find that it only passes through one slit, and then the interference fringes disappear, leaving only one bright spot, which is equivalent to reversing the causality. In the world of quantum mechanics, what you are doing now can change what has happened in history.