Give the Earth a big mirror, China will be expected to build the first space solar power station

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Give the Earth a big mirror, China will be expected to build the first space solar power station

2019-02-18 18:32:58 297 ℃

You've heard and even seen solar power plants, but have you heard of solar power plants built in the sky? Science and technology have changed people's lives. In the near future, various scientific and technological achievements will subvert people's daily life more rapidly, such as this kind of space solar power station, and China is hopeful to become the first country in the world to build practical space solar power stations. How many magical and tremendous functions does this kind of solar power station built in space have? It's not just about charging a ground electric car.

We have heard from childhood that "solar energy is almost inexhaustible, inexhaustible and very clean energy." But when I grow up, what is this situation? Is it wrong to say that solar energy is rarely used? Did not. Nowadays, space solar power plants can really realize this statement. The reason is that the solar energy on the ground is seldom used because of the absorption and radiation of the atmosphere. Clouds and rains, night and day, spring, summer, autumn and winter lead to the unstable reception of solar energy. Sometimes the energy density is huge, sometimes very small, which leads to a small number of ground solar power stations built in open space, climate temperature, less pollution, so it is still unable to get rid of. Atmospheric interference with solar energy reception.

According to Yang Shizhong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Chongqing University, the maximum power generated by solar cells per square metre in Northwest China is about 0.4 kW, and the power generated by solar cells in stratosphere reaches 7 kW-8 kW, while in geosynchronous orbit about 36,000 kilometers away from the earth's surface, the power generated by solar cells can reach 10 kW-14 kW.
Bao Weimin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, said that at present, China, the United States and Japan have put forward plans for the development of space solar power plants, but they are all at the basic research stage. Three key problems need to be solved for space solar power plants: first, how to transport power generation equipment to geosynchronous orbit and assemble power generation through large launch vehicles; second, how to transmit power to the ground; third, how to ensure the safety of equipment operation and environment. "At present, these three problems are still in the basic exploration." He said.

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After all, space solar power plants are completely free from all kinds of unstable factors in the troposphere and built in the space of about 30,000 kilometers above the ground, which can not be affected by seasonal and day-night changes. More importantly, the intensity of solar radiation in this location is more than six times that of the ground. Solar energy can be received and utilized steadily almost all the year round.

and its role is huge! The first is to promote the development of the space industry. Can you imagine that human beings start factories in space to produce and process various instruments and equipment? Now you'll often hear about who's running a factory in Zhejiang, Jiangsu or somewhere. Hey, it's a good mix. Later you will hear about who, who and where in space has opened a factory. Why is the space industry so important? Because there is zero gravity, high radiation, high vacuum environment, will be processed to produce some superior performance of new materials, new products. The space solar power plant can provide solid energy for space factories, promote space fuel production, space processing and manufacturing.

It is reported that China will invest 200 million yuan in the construction of the experimental base from 2019 to 2020 to build the experimental site, the balloon platform debugging hall, the experimental building, the iron tower and other facilities, and carry out microwave energy transfer experiments through the floating platform with altitude of 50-300 meters; the medium and small-scale stratospheric solar power station will be built and connected to the grid in 2021-2025. After 2025, the large-scale space solar power plant system began to work.