Chang'e-4's discovery of anomalies made scientists extremely anxious but helpless

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Chang'e-4's discovery of anomalies made scientists extremely anxious but helpless

2019-02-18 18:33:05 313 ℃

Earlier, Chang'e-4 had successfully landed on the back of the moon. This feat was announced to the world. Until now, the heat of Chang'e 4 has not gone down. We all know that the United States is an old enemy for China. And not long ago, the American media mentioned Chang'e 4. It also made bold guesses about China's landing of Chang'e 4 on the back of the moon.

In fact, when China first explored the moon, some foreign media suggested that China might have landed on the moon in order to find a special kind of energy, which is also known as hydrogen-3, a very low-polluting nuclear fuel. According to the research of scientists, 70 tons of hydrogen-3 is enough for human beings to use well on the earth. For centuries.
On the moon, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, where the temperature can exceed 120 degrees during the day, while at night, the temperature will drop sharply to 170 degrees below zero, regardless of the high temperature during the day or the low temperature at night, which is a challenge for the electronic equipment on Chang'e 4. More importantly, the daytime and night time here are 14 days, that is to say, Chang'e 4's various equipment must withstand a long period of high temperature and long period of low temperature. So thermal insulation is very necessary. If we want to do a good job of insulation, we must know the specific temperature there.

Our understanding of lunar temperature comes mainly from the mean values of Apollo measurements in that year. Because NASA landed on the moon many times that year, they still know more about the basic environment there. The temperature difference between 120 and minus 170 was measured by Apollo. But Chang'e-4 gives different data about the temperature of the moon. The temperature of the moon at night measured by Chang'e-4's temperature detector is about 190 degrees below zero, which is 20 degrees different from the data given by the United States. This difference is clearly beyond the allowable range of errors.
The abnormal phenomenon of

immediately attracted the attention of the international scientific community. When the moon is exposed to sunlight during the day, it receives different amounts of light at different latitudes. There may be some differences in temperature, but in the long night, the temperature should not vary much. Chinese scientists have made a preliminary explanation for this, suggesting that there may be differences in soil composition on both sides of the moon, resulting in differences in the ability to retain heat at night, thus causing certain temperature differences.

Of course, there are conspiracy theorists who believe that the moon landing was not successful at all. The moon temperature given by NASA is only a speculative value, so there will be such a huge error. How did this error come about? We need further research.
However, since Chang'e IV is the first and only probe to land on the back of the moon, and its data are unique, this difference may become a mystery for a long time, requiring more research and even more probe landings to solve.