'I'm going to run out of electricity and it's getting dark.'I just wanted to work for 90 days, but it's been on standby for 15 years' __________

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'I'm going to run out of electricity and it's getting dark.'I just wanted to work for 90 days, but it's been on standby for 15 years' __________

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On February 13, NASA announced that the Mars Rover Opportunity, which had worked on Mars for 15 years, had completed its mission.

In fact, Opportunity did not want to work for 15 years at the beginning.

In 2003, together with its twin sister Spirit, it embarked on a journey as part of NASA's Mars Explorer program, with the initial set working time of

only 90 days.

Just carelessly, it's "super long standby"...

Opportunity knows that it carries the expectations of all mankind on Mars,

The most important thing is to find out the most urgent question that mankind wants to know: Is there life on Mars?

So it has been collecting and studying rocks and minerals on Mars, and exploring information about the activities of liquid water.

On Mars, Opportunity traveled 45.16 kilometers and took 217,000 photos. Among them,







< p> inspected the soil and rock structure of Mars. Scientists have provided a lot of information about water activities on Mars,

Unfortunately, neither Opportunity nor Courage has found any trace of life in the end.

However, it is they that have enabled humans to acquire a great deal of important information about the habitability of the environment and have a preliminary understanding of the Martian environment. It helps us to confirm that there were different types of water on Mars. The planet's climate has changed dramatically over time, and at some point it may have been very suitable for life. Science journalist Jacob Margolis said.

15 years of working life, chances are desperate to survive,

2005, when it was trapped in the sand and unable to move,

It was the most painful time for scientists to simulate and test for several months before it succeeded in self-rescuing;

2007, a huge dust storm erupted on Mars, the atmosphere was shrouded, and the whole planet was covered by sand and dust. Nine percent of the sunshine is shaded, and in harsh environments, it and Spirit survive by dormancy;

every year after that, it has been exploring upstream Mars in a breathtaking way,

it has reached one impact crater after another, determined the composition of rock mineral sands, and has been working diligently,

until June 2018.

Another dust storm erupted on Mars, this time, Opportunity lost its response...

In fact, after the discovery of the intense dust storm, NASA's Mars team immediately formulated an energy-saving plan for Opportunity, trying to protect its energy so that it could wait for a better opportunity in the storm,

However, despite the clever response of Opportunity to confirm that it had received a beep. Energy conservation orders,

but since then, it has never been connected to the earth... An update posted on NASA's official page shows that more than 835 restore orders have been sent to Opportunity, but none of them will help... On February 12, they decided to make a final attempt.

p>sad news. The Mars Rover Opportunity probably won't work. At some point this evening, a NASA team will try to contact Opportunity for the last time, and

will announce the end of the mission if they can't. That's the truth."

"She walked alone and did well until June 2018, when a huge sandstorm engulfed Mars and cut her off from the Earth. They never heard from her since

. I don't know what's going on now.

"The last message they received from her was I'm running out of electricity and it's getting dark."

They hoped that the storm would clear the dust from the solar panel. From then on, they called for her again and again, and tried everything they could...

June 10, 2018,"This is the last photo taken by Opportunity.

At the end, despite the dust cover, it was still looking up at the sky. At two o'clock Eastern Time, NASA said it would share the results of its last attempt.

However, this time, there is still no response...

So it's time to end.

Soon NASA announced that the record Mars Rover Opportunity was over.

Opportunity stays at 225 million kilometers away forever and is lonely. On this strange planet, it engraves human courage and perseverance, diligently opens up the land with the most precious hope of mankind,

It is a fighter, a warrior, a great wanderer, it does things that no one expected,

Finally, like a hero, it stays in this red land forever. Jim Bridentine, Director of NASA, then tweeted,

"After more than 800 attempts to contact the @Mars Rovers Opportunity, today we announce the successful conclusion of the Mars mission.

was meant to explore the Red Planet for 90 days, but Opportunity has lived for more than 14 years.

Mars Rover official launch:

"To turn 90-day exploration into 15-year robots: You were, and have been, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

"Have a good rest, wanderer. Your task has been completed. (2004-2019)"


Its descendants, Curiosity, officially wrote a poem:

"In my eyes/you are like a wanderer in the wind/you will not fall with the sunset"

"In the Red Mountains of Mars/your candle may be extinguished sooner/but your scientific value Forever. "

"I owe you too much."

and more netizens paid the highest tribute to Opportunity. The last sentence of Opportunity --

< p>

-- "I'm going to run out of electricity and it's getting dark",

< p> < p> < img src="/ 1ydzximg/0LITDRSIc7"/>

< p> people are worried about is a simple and plain word, but it makes people feel its fear and grievance.

So people painted the most brilliant stars and brilliant sunshine for it, hoping to illuminate every day after it...

Well, although it's dark and Mars is cold, you're better.

Don't be afraid of loneliness, we are with you in the same galaxy...

Maybe one day we can say to you, "Hey, Opportunity, we're here."

"travels 55 million kilometers to find life, and finally it finds love and brings it home."

"This is really a long and wonderful journey."

Some people also drew cartoons for Opportunity,

Martian A: "Why doesn't she go home?"

Martian B: "She's already home."

Death: "It's time to go."

Opportunity: "Am I a good Mars rover?"

Death: "No."

Death: "I was told that you are the best."

"Thank you for believing me, Earth. This is not an eternal goodbye, but another day I will meet you on Mars. < p > < p > < strong > "Opportunity number, go offline first."

Goodbye, Opportunity number,

Maybe decades, and centuries later, we will meet again! You must wait for us on Mars.


Don't be spicy or spicy: That's what Rabbit Two said before, the predecessor of Opportunity, Lin Shuiyao: (Qiu) See me so sad ah ah! Poor little boy!

Zheng's Tea Man said, "I'm going to run out of electricity, and the sky is getting dark." This sentence made me cry

Yunyang: When I was a child, I watched live TV with my father, and now Nat_97 has been watching it for so long: 15 years of hard work for mankind, Walter's song: Was I a good rover? Chen Xiao Egg Egg: What the devil! I'm going to cry!!! Keeping a diary in an insulating cup: It's a good saying, "You used to be, and you've always been, a golden opportunity for a lifetime" sign frozen coconut ice: "If I abandon one side, I'll watch for you when I raise my head." Chaos_63: Here I am floating round my tin, Far above the Moon, Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do.

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