The universe will end in 100 billion years. What should human beings do?

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The universe will end in 100 billion years. What should human beings do?

2019-04-01 11:25:51 282 ℃

From past evidence, we know that everything starts and ends, but does this also apply to our universe? Has anyone ever wondered what the ultimate fate of our universe will be, or what the end of the universe will be like? Or will the universe exist forever? Or when will the universe end? Now, we can say it's safe. In the way the universe expands, it will not be a problem for at least 2.8 billion years. In addition, there are many ways to end the universe. There are various theories describing how our universe might end.

And about the ultimate fate of the universe, it is generally believed by scientists that the future universe will end and be completely destroyed, so what will humans do at that time?

Let's not discuss whether human beings are extinct or not. Let's say that human beings are still strong. What can we do in the face of the fate of the end of the universe? I think there's nothing we can do about it then

But is it possible that humans can do something about it? For example, to prevent the expansion or contraction of the universe, or to create another universe, allowing humans to enter another universe for survival?

I think that if we are lucky enough to survive to the end of the universe, civilization will surely reach a very unimaginable level. What will it be like to

? At present, our thinking is totally unimaginable, such as the human beings hundreds of years ago. It is totally unimaginable that human beings can go to heaven and earth and fly out of the earth. How incredible is that?

Similarly, when human beings reach that level, there is a real possibility of doing something to cope with disasters of that level.

is like saying that if the earth is facing the crisis of asteroid impact on the earth now, we humans will think of various ways to deal with it. Similarly, at that time, humans will also think of some way to solve the cosmic crisis.

But what kind of technology will that be? We don't know.