Good news: It won't rain this year! It's all because of the cool air from the good people.

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Good news: It won't rain this year! It's all because of the cool air from the good people.

2019-04-01 11:25:56 254 ℃

March 31, the last day of March this year, for the south of China, today's weather is still like most of March, the weather is cloudy and rainy. From the satellite cloud map at noon on March 31, a large area of precipitation clouds covering the south from Sichuan Basin to Zhejiang coast is formed by the convergence of cold air and warm and wet water vapor in the south.

In March, the warming ocean and land make warm and wet vapor more active and frequently engage in battles with the cold air downward to the south. In this case, in March, the southern part of China still continued the continuous state of rainy weather in January, and compared with January, the rains in March were more violent and violent, and severe convective weather was frequent in the rainfall. Outbreak. In this case, the southern part of China has been in a state of excessive precipitation, especially in South China of the Yangtze River. The local precipitation anomaly in South China has reached 100-200%, which is serious.

In the coming April, will it rain as much as in March? Although there is still a big error in the forecast of one month's rainfall, the land and ocean will be warmer in April, and the warm and wet water vapor delivered to China will be more and more powerful, so the chances of rain can be said to be only a lot, and it will probably rain a lot in April. However, in the short term, the upcoming Qingming Festival (April 5) is likely not to rain in many parts of China, which is rare during the Qingming Festival period. However, according to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Qingming Festival in 2019 (April 5) in China is just in the stage of rain reduction. Only northern Xinjiang, southwestern China, Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang coastal areas and Taiwan, Hainan and other areas will have some precipitation, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces border areas, Taiwan may also have more rain, but overall, the rainy Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi and Guangdong provinces in Chongqing, Hunan, Guangdong have been reduced or suspended. This year, it is clear that there will be no "rains in succession".

This is because after the cold air passed in late March, a new cold air came down in early April. Although this cold air has a limited cooling effect on the central and eastern part of China, compared with the cold air in late March, the cold air in early April will have a strong northerly wind in the Middle East, which will drive water vapor all the way to the South China Sea. It can be said to be a "good man's cold air".

Therefore, the clouds and rains around Qingming Festival in the South should not only be weakened or suspended, but also the sky should gradually clear up. According to the forecast results of supercomputer, the white areas (clouds) over Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Sichuan, Chongqing and other provinces in the south of China on April 5 are gradually decreasing, which means that the clouds in the south are also decreasing while the clouds are weakening, in April. Clouds in Hubei, Guizhou, Hunan, Chongqing, Guangxi and other places will be further reduced on June 6, and it is expected to clear up thoroughly.