As long as it is 8 centimeters close to the sun, the earth will become the second Mars? Scientists decided not to hide

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As long as it is 8 centimeters close to the sun, the earth will become the second Mars? Scientists decided not to hide

2019-04-01 11:25:58 224 ℃

The Earth's ability to nurture life is largely attributed to the sun. If the sun does not continuously transmit energy to the earth, the earth will become a cold and lifeless scene. Scientists have predicted that if the sun suddenly disappears, the earth will fall into darkness in eight minutes, because it takes eight minutes for sunlight to reach the earth, and after eight minutes, the earth, including all living things on the earth, will feel bad.

Without the sun, the earth's temperature would drop to minus two Baidu, and no living thing could survive at such a temperature, which shows how important the sun is to the earth.

Besides the existence of the sun itself, the distance between the region and the sun is also the key. If the earth flow is too far from the sun, the energy obtained by the earth will decrease, but this does not mean that the closer the earth is to the sun, the better scientists have calculated. The distance between the sun and the earth can be said to be a perfect state, because as long as the earth is 8 cm closer to the sun's orbit, the whole area will be scorched, and the sea water will evaporate and cause the mass extinction of organisms.

Why do you say that? The sun's energy comes from its internal nuclear reactions rather than from the "burning" phenomenon we see. The core of the sun is less than 50 kilometers in diameter, but its temperature is as high as 15 million degrees, and it has great pressure. It has 250 billion atmospheric pressure.

In such a high temperature and pressure environment, every four hydrogen nuclei inside the sun combine to form a helium nucleus, while generating nuclear fusion, energy bursts to the surface in the form of flame magma, which is also the illusion of "burning in a bear". How much energy does the sun emit? According to scientists'calculations, the energy radiated by the sun to the earth's atmosphere is only one of 2.2 billion of its total radiation energy, up to 173,000 TW, but this radiation alone is enough to illuminate and warm the whole earth. If

and 173,000 TW is further converted, the energy irradiated to the earth per second is equivalent to 5 million tons of coal and 499,400,000,000 chars per second. It is precisely because the sun has such high energy that people can use solar energy to convert into a variety of energy, and convenient for human use.

According to the above calculation of solar energy, if the earth is close to the solar orbit, it may be really dangerous and not necessarily. The author believes that the earth is undoubtedly the "lucky man" in the solar system, because the distance between the earth and the sun is simply ingeniously designed. If the sun is too close or too far in the earth, it will have a negative impact on the life on the earth.

And if the Earth is near the sun, the end just needs to look at Mercury and Venus. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and its surface temperature is even higher than 400 degrees Celsius. For the current Earth, if it is closer to the sun, the Earth's temperature may rise to 50 degrees. At that time, the Earth may become The second barren Mars is not necessarily.