The dullest fish in the world can't respond to half of its bite, but it will never be extinct.

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The dullest fish in the world can't respond to half of its bite, but it will never be extinct.

2019-04-07 08:03:33 661 ℃

The dullest fish in the world can't respond to half of its bite, but never extinct

There are millions of creatures on this beautiful planet of life, and fish is one of them. Fish, an animal, has always been extremely sensitive and alert in the public's minds, and it has swam quickly and disappeared into the water before the external stimulus arrived. That's why we can't catch fish with great effort at ordinary times. There are so many animals in the world, but not so many are agile as fish.

There are exceptions to everything, and there are also "alternatives" in this large family of fish. Its temperament and responsiveness are not at all like other fish, and its "indifferent and selfless" attitude makes people have a strong interest in it. It's not panicked at all when it's stimulated by the outside world. When divers swim to it to take pictures of it, it still stays in place, quite "cooperate". Even when it encounters natural enemies, it is also "calm" and ignores the existence of the other side.

This kind of "incredible" fish is called "rollover fish". It has a huge body, with a maximum weight of 1400-3500 kilograms and a body length of 3.0-5.5 meters. In the past human experience, such a giant creature living in the water as the Mola should be ferocious and combat-proficient, but the fact is not so. The Mola is slow in action, weak in response, and does not possess all the agility of other fish. Even some small fish and shrimp can come to bully it twice. It's even more incredible that even if the body of a cartfish is eaten half by other animals, it can't respond. It's called the dullest fish in the world. As can be seen from the picture above, the mole was bitten by an animal near its head, but it did not respond, and continued to swim slowly in the water, often half of the body was eaten as well as "do not care". Because the skin is thick enough to take up most of the body, it will not bleed a little when bitten by other animals, which is a unique feature of the Mola.

Some people may say that, since the rollers are so dull and silly, they should be easy to extinct. In fact, this kind of fish will never be extinct, because the mollusk has the most eggs, and can produce 300 million eggs at a time. Moreover, the longevity of the Molas is the longest of all fish species. It is precisely because of its super reproductive capacity and long life characteristics that the species of Mola can be well sustained, extinction is not exist. Do you like such a "unique" fish?