What would happen if African wild dogs met hyenas?

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What would happen if African wild dogs met hyenas?

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Who is the best VS hyena? If it's a single choice, hyenas will win, because hyenas are a tough medium-sized animal, and their jaws and teeth are particularly strong. They can crush large bones. It is recorded that an adult zebra hyena has a bite of 1,300 pounds and can drag 90 kilograms of prey 100 meters away. Each limb has four toes, big claws, bent and blunt. African wild dogs are smaller, and although they can crush bones, they are less biting than hyenas, and they are the only canines with no upper claws on their forelimbs.

African wild dog, canine, body length 100 cm, tail length 30-45 cm, body weight 17-36 kg.

Their fur is peculiar and gorgeous, with areas of brown, red, black, yellow and white. Like zebras, the markings of each African wild dog are unique, and no two are identical. The fur is short and sparse, even bare in some places. The head is dark and the tail has white hair.

Their ears are big and round, and they are very eye-catching when they are standing upright on their heads. Slim and muscular with long legs, it is the only canine with no upper claws on its forelimbs.

African wild dogs are social animals. They cooperate in hunting, led by male leaders, and hunt in their territory. They generally feed on medium-sized ungulates. They hunt by sight rather than by smell. They usually track their prey for a long time and can chase at a speed of 45 miles per hour until the prey is exhausted.

African wild dogs hate hyenas the most. When a single hyena is found, they often kill it in pain. Introduction of hyenas

hyenas, commonly known as hyenas mammals, have dog-like body, long neck, short hind limbs, short body, high shoulder and low buttock, long hyena hairs on the back of neck, big teeth, thick and strong jaw, and can bite bones. They have brown or brown fur and many irregular black-brown spots.

African hyena has an average bite force of 460 kg, compared with 360 kg for the lion of the King of Africa.

hyenas like to hunt at night. They can hunt alone, in pairs or three together, or in groups. They hunt large and medium-sized herbivores such as gazelles, zebras and horned horses collectively. They can even kill half a ton of African buffalo. They do not live on the debris and abdomen of lions. On the contrary, lions often rob hyenas of their prey.

Hyenas live in a group hunting in the matrilineal social system. One group is as large as dozens and as small as dozens. The leader of each group is a strong female hyena. But under the premise of group life, they have considerable freedom, often alone, hunting alone, eating by themselves.

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