A group of horrible natural disaster motions, feeling the power of nature... | Humanities

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A group of horrible natural disaster motions, feeling the power of nature... | Humanities

2019-04-07 08:03:41 723 ℃
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a large collection of horrible natural disaster maps, some are live, some are movie clips, which are rare, let's feel it together!


火山喷发(volcanic eruption The terminology of geology is a peculiar geological phenomenon, a manifestation of crustal movement and the strongest display of heat energy in the earth's interior on the earth's surface.

is actually the release of magma and other ejecta from the crater to the surface in a short time.

Because of the large amount of volatile matter in magma and the confining pressure of overlying strata, the volatile matter can not be dissolved in magma to overflow. When the magma rises near the surface, the pressure decreases and the volatile matter is released sharply, resulting in volcanic eruption.


地震又称地动、地振动,是地 Vibration caused by the rapid release of energy from the shell is a natural phenomenon during which seismic waves are generated.

The crushing and collision between the plates on the earth causes the dislocation and rupture of the plate edge and the plate interior, and is the main cause of the earthquake.


滑坡是指斜坡上的土体或者岩体, Influenced by river scouring, groundwater activity, rainwater immersion, earthquake and artificial slope cutting, it is a natural phenomenon that slides downward along a certain weak surface or zone under gravity. The rock (soil) body in motion

is called a metamorphic body or a sliding body, and the underlying rock (soil) body in motion is called a sliding bed.


泥石流是指在山区或者其他沟 Deep valleys, areas with steep terrain, landslides caused by rainstorms, snowstorms or other natural disasters and carrying a large amount of sediment and rocks of special torrents. The debris flow

has the characteristics of suddenness, fast flow rate, large material capacity and strong destructive force . Debris flow often destroys transportation facilities such as highways and railways, even villages and towns, resulting in huge losses.


Tsunami is a destructive wave caused by submarine earthquake, volcanic eruption, submarine landslide or meteorological change.

Tsunami has a wave speed of 700-800 kilometers per hour and can cross the ocean in a few hours; its wavelength can reach hundreds of kilometers, and it can spread thousands of kilometers with little energy loss; in the vast ocean, the wave height is less than one meter, but when it reaches the shallow coastal zone, the wave length decreases and the wave height increases sharply, reaching tens of meters, forming a "water wall" with huge energy. < p > < p > Tsunami is mainly controlled by < strong > seabed topography, coastline geometry and wave characteristics < strong >. The whistling wave ice wall repeats every few minutes or tens of minutes, destroys the embankment, submerges the land, takes away life and property, and has great destructive power.


极地或高山地区地表上多年存在并具有沿地面运动状态的天然 Ice body. Over the years,

glacier snow was formed by compaction, recrystallization and re-freezing.

It has a certain shape and level, and has plasticity. Under gravity and pressure, it produces plastic flow and massive sliding. It is an important freshwater resource on the surface of the earth.

International Glacier Catalogue stipulates that all perennial snowdrifts and glaciers with an area of more than 0.1 square kilometers should be listed in the glacier catalogue.


闪电的温度,约是太阳表面温度的5倍,是人体正常体温的750倍,而这 Lightning like this happens eight million times a day.

Although the probability of being hit by lightning is very small, remember that the fatality rate of lightning strike accident is as high as 30%.

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