The Himalayas are hollow, and the interior is not made of stone? Scientists have found amazing results.

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The Himalayas are hollow, and the interior is not made of stone? Scientists have found amazing results.

2019-04-25 21:30:58 594 ℃

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Himalayas is the world-famous mountain, there is also the world's highest peak, Mount Everest, because it has been covered by ice and snow all the year round, for many people who love outdoor adventure, Himalayas are a lifetime must hit the card!

Then as more and more people go to the Himalayas, the mystery about Himalayas gradually spreads to tourists, such as the Himalayas are really like ordinary peaks, all trees and stones? Many people have speculated that the interior of the Himalayas may be hollow, not made of stone at all. In order to solve the internal mystery of the Himalayas, a team of scientific researchers and researchers went deep into the Himalayas to solve the mystery.

Scientists'on-the-spot detection has really found an incredible scene. This amazing result also deepens people's conjecture that scientists use electromagnetic detectors to detect signals between the crust and the mantle to find the law of electromagnetic signals, so they find that electromagnetic signals will come more and more from the west to the east. The more intense it is, the more conductive the Himalayas are to the east than to the west, but this does not prove that the interior of the Himalayas is hollow, and scientists speculate that it may be made up of another substance, possibly a conductive substance in addition to stone, which is very similar to the composition of water, but has the same conductive substance. More conductive than water!

When scientists publicized the results, they aroused people's curiosity about the Himalayas. Many people speculated that there were still some liquid oceans beneath the Himalayas. There may be some life substances that never appeared in front of people. So far, of course, only speculation. Only when human science and technology are more advanced can we solve the puzzle! ____________