Japanese scientists are engaged in the experiment of "human and animal hybridization"? This time, don’t rush to lick the Japanese pervert

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Japanese scientists are engaged in the experiment of "human and animal hybridization"? This time, don’t rush to lick the Japanese pervert

2019-08-07 00:34:17 189 ℃

Recently, a news claiming that Japanese scientists are engaged in "human-beast hybridization" experiments has caused concern and fear among many netizens on the Chinese network. The news also claimed that the Japanese government has approved this "human and animal hybrid embryo experiment", allowing the embryo to "born and raise."

As a result, the comments in these news are filled with comments that Japanese scientists are "no one" or even "perverted."

However, many popular science experts have expressed strong opposition to this kind of media coverage, especially the "human-beat hybrid".

▲The picture is the controversial "human-beast hybrid" news

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The popular science account @fengfeixue0219 expressed strong dissatisfaction with the "human-beast hybrid" statement on the Internet.

He said that the experiments conducted by Japanese scientists are not the "human-beast hybrids" that rely on mating as shown in some film and television works. Instead, a cell called iPS is injected into it. In the embryos of animals that grow certain organs, it is experimentally possible to see whether such cells can grow corresponding organs in such animals, thus providing important data for exploring research on human organ transplantation.

▲The picture shows the schematic of this experiment posted on this popular science account, from which you can see This experiment involves injecting a human stem cell called iPS into an animal embryo that does not grow an organ, such as the liver, after genetic editing, to observe the growth of the animal. Human cells will not grow corresponding human organs in their bodies

So, he will be on the Internet for some people and the media This item is very meaningful, and the research that is being carried out in various countries in the world is said to be "human-beast hybridization", and then it is very dissatisfied that many network "sprayers" have been attacked indiscriminately.

Another science account named Chen Dafu, who is named @妇科科, also holds the same view, saying that the so-called "human-beast hybrid" experiment is just a human stem cell. It is introduced into the animal embryo, and then the animal embryo grows up to see if it can grow the body's organs for the study of human organ transplantation.

This popular science account also pointed out that this kind of experiment has already existed for a long time. For example, Chinese scientists have done experiments on "planting" human ears in pigs, although they are injected into the human body at the embryonic stage. Cell research is different, but the theoretical basis is similar. Therefore, the account also believes that "human and animal hybrid" is just a kind of media, "seeing the excitement is not too big" and throwing a gimmick.

In fact, some of the gimmicks using "human and animal hybrids" reported on the scientific research situation in Japan. The media, in the text of their report, also confirmed the claims of these popular science accounts, that is, this so-called "human-beast hybrid" experiment is not a human-animal mating, but a human stem cell is introduced into the animal embryo. In order to grow human organs, it has become one of the sources of human organ transplantation to solve the problem of human transplant organ shortage.

However, in the report, these media still use the "human-beast hybrid" gimmick in the title in order to catch the eyeball, or Misleading a lot of netizens who don't understand this kind of experiment and are not interested in seeing the full text, the comments on these reports are also full of various insults against Japanese scientists...

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the human stem cells called iPS mentioned in the previous science accounts are also developed by Japanese scientists. The full name of this cell is "induced pluripotent stem cells" (iPS cells).

Unlike the traditional way of extracting stem cells from embryos, this iPS cell is studied by Japanese scientist Yamanaka Yasumi.The epidermal cells undergo a series of treatments to transform the differentiated epidermal cells into a stem cell that has similar differentiation characteristics to embryonic stem cell activity and also has a differentiation function. This iPS cell solves the time, cost, and ethical issues involved in extracting stem cells from embryos and provides greater possibilities for many medical studies that require human stem cells, such as organ transplantation and organ repair.

Yamanaka Yamanaka also won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for this research.

So, when some media at home and abroad and the media used to use The gimmick misleads the public, ignoring the ignorant netizens to insult the relevant experiments and experimenters are "metamorphosis", which is actually adding to the medical and scientific progress of human beings.

▲The British tabloid "The Sun" is also ignorantly speculating this research as a "crazy variant" And "human-beast hybrid"

But then, in the face of this cutting-edge scientific research that touches the unknown areas of mankind People should also be cautious and critical. But this criticism should be based on serious responsibility and seeking truth from research. In fact, both the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University have exposed the problem of data fraud around the iPS cell experiment. Ensuring that such problems no longer occur is what we should be about science.

▲The picture shows 2016 is the iPS cell of Kyoto University There is a problem of fraud in the study of the amount of data

Editor: Li Weishan