These hybrid animals are too strange. There is also a kind of "beast" called "six unlike".

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These hybrid animals are too strange. There is also a kind of "beast" called "six unlike".

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scorpion, mammalian hoofed animal, horse and lynx hybrid, hybrids produced by male and female mares are horses, referred to as 骡, 骡 and 驴骡Breeding power is extremely poor, but the vitality and disease resistance are strong, the feed utilization rate is high, the body is strong, the limbs and hooves are strong, the endurance is strong, and it is easy to control. The service life can be as long as 20-30 years, and the service value is more than Ma and Yu. high.

Leopard lion

About hybrid animals, scorpions are best known, tiger lions and lions and lions are also in the world, people also know, leopard lions and animals are fresh It is known, but there are also people in the world. The leopard lion beast is an animal born between the male leopard and the lioness. It first appeared in the zoo in India and Japan, and there is no survival.

Hailan beast

Hailan beast, a very peculiar embarrassment appearing in the book "Tibetan Code 5", is a variant of the ferrets, is a golden eye and a ferrets Mating through about 30 generations of purebred variants, this animal power is endless, its claws are like tigers, whistling like a gryphon, the pale blue hair is a symbol of honor, usually seen, self-collecting claws stealth Humility, ordinary snow scorpion body white, good hair will also have a silvery luster, called silver wrapped snow.


驴马, an animal of the mammalian hoof, is a descendant of zebra crossing with scorpion, although mating between zebra and scorpion is rare, but this situation It was not the first time that I heard that a small thrip horse was born in the Chestian Wildlife Nature Reserve in Georgia, USA.

Hybrid wolf

mixed-blood wolf, refers to a gray wolf subspecies, hybrid offspring with domestic dogs, mixed-blood wolves refer to different gray wolf subspecies on different continents, the hybrid between The offspring, including a gray wolf subspecies, mixed-race offspring with domestic dogs (commonly referred to as the offspring of wolves and dogs), mixed-race wolves are not domestic or wild wolves, are hybrid species between subspecies, so It is a misconception that a mixed-blood wolf is called a dog or a wolf dog. After the mixed-breed offspring of the domestic dog series is fully mature, most of them will have the same shape characteristics and living habits as the wolf.

The lion and the beast

lion and tiger beasts may be the most famous hybrid animals, but in fact they are also divided into two types, one is made by the male lion and the female tiger, the body type It’s bigger than both parents, it’s us.This is shown in the picture.

Another kind of lion and male tiger mating, the body shape will be smaller than the two parents, the male lion and the beast are not fertile, and the female usually has.

Black and Blue Tiger

Black and Blue Tiger is a blue tiger. It is a tiger with a light black color and a slightly grayish blue color with dark black stripes. It is considered a legendary animal. However, it is said that in reality, some people witnessed it, but there is no evidence to prove that there is such an animal. It is speculated that the black tiger may be a black variant of a tiger like a white tiger.

Black Panther "jagger"

This is a combination of American Panthers and Shanjun, known as "jagger", Jagger's mother is the American Panther, and his father It is Shanjun, jagger grows very healthy, and there is no problem. It inherits the characteristics of mom and dad, and looks like a Montenegro.


Cetacean, a rare hybrid animal, mated by bottlenose dolphins and pseudo-killer whales, now only Hawaiian Ocean Park has two cetaceans, whales The porpoise is between the whale and the dolphin from body type to skin color.

This is reflected in Kekaimalu, the world's first artificially cultivated cetacean, with 88 teeth for bottlenose dolphins, 44 teeth for pseudo-killer whales, and 66 teeth for Kekaimalu.

"Six is ​​not like"

The animal known as "Six Unlike" is a takin, the legendary monster golden takin that lives in the mountains of the Qinling Mountains. Unique to our country, it is regarded by many explorers as “the target that we can see and see.” It is like a cow and a cow, not only like sheep and sheep, but also some other animal characteristics. It is "six unlike".