Close the window or open the air conditioner first? I don’t think the difference is so big.

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Close the window or open the air conditioner first? I don’t think the difference is so big.

2019-08-07 00:34:23 505 ℃

Since the summer, the high temperature momentum has continued unabated. When I got home from work, the window was closed and the air conditioner was turned on. This is the trilogy of most people's entry, but is this step correct?

Close the window & Turn on the air conditioner

Open the air conditioner after closing the window

A lot of people will return the window when they return home Close, turn on the air conditioner to prevent the air from running outside, and feel that it can cool down quickly. But is this really good?

Opening the window to blow the air conditioner

You may say that if you want to be cool and want air circulation, it is better to blow the air conditioner with the window open. This is always true. Right? wrong!

The cooling effect is poor

Open the window to open the air conditioner, although the air is circulating, but the outside hot air keeps entering the room, people will feel a burst of heat A cool feeling, the cooling effect of air conditioning is poor.

The air conditioning life is reduced

The air conditioner continuously converts the outside hot air into air-conditioning, and the air-conditioner compressor will always run at high speed, not only electricity, but also long-term high-speed operation, air conditioning Life expectancy will decrease.

After turning on the air conditioner, close the window

After going home, first open the air conditioner and close the window is the most scientific way to open the air conditioner, not only for human health, but also for the most Comfortable way.

Exclude dust

Open the air conditioner first, wait 5-10 minutes, make sure that the air pollution on the air conditioner is discharged outside, then close the door and window, reduce the indoor Residual harmful gases.

Just starting the window and turning on the air conditioner can give the body a cushion that will make the body more comfortable.

How to open more power?

It is a summer when the air conditioner is turned on, especially in this year's three-day long standby, so how to open the air conditioner is the most energy-efficient?

Open the high wind file first, then change the middle and low gear

Turn on the air conditioner in the correct way, more power saving! Set the air conditioner to a high windshield when starting up, so that the room temperature can quickly approach the set temperature.To the purpose of cooling.

When the temperature is suitable, use the middle and low windshield to reduce energy consumption.

Wind-up cooling

Since cold air is denser than hot air, hot air is on and cold air is down. Cooling the tuyere upwards will cause the cold air to sink from top to bottom, which can quickly lower the indoor temperature.

26°C most energy-efficient

The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in summer should not be too large, generally around 8-10 °C. The hot weather in summer is generally around 37 °C, so the indoor temperature is set to 26 °C, not only the human body feels comfortable, but also more energy-saving.

After going out for a short time, air conditioning

If you just go out for a little while, don't turn off the air conditioner. When the air conditioner starts, it will generate a high voltage of 500-1000 watts, and frequently switch the air conditioner. When starting, it uses more electricity and consumes more electricity.

Turn on the timing function before going to bed

You can sleep at night without going through the air conditioner at night, usually 2-3 hours. If you are really afraid of heat, you can adjust the mode to "sleep" state, which can save 20% of electricity.

"Dehumidification" mode saves power

"Dehumidification" mode is more energy efficient than "Cooling". In the "Dehumidification" mode, the indoor blower is kept running at a low speed, the compressor is intermittently operated, and the cycle is continuously circulated to keep the room near the set temperature.

In the "cooling" mode, the air conditioner compressor and blower continue to operate until the room temperature reaches a low temperature.

How to blow air conditioner?

Air conditioners bring us a lot of discomfort while bringing us coolness. When you have been in the air-conditioned room for a long time, there are headaches, colds, dry eyes, joint pain and other symptoms, reminding you that you may be suffering from "air conditioning disease".

In the hot summer season, about 30% to 50% of the patients attending outpatient clinics in China's primary hospitals are “air conditioning patients”. So, how do you blow air conditioners?

Open 3 hours window ventilation

It is recommended that every 3 hours, the windows should be opened and ventilated to remove harmful gases, so that fresh air comes in and people will be more comfortable.

Summer air conditioner wash once a month

If you do not clean the air conditioner for a long time, it will accumulate many germs and mites that endanger human health. Once inhaled, it may cause “ Air conditioning lungs."

In summer, the frequency of using air conditioners is higher, dust and bacteria enter the air conditioner more. It needs to be cleaned once a month, and can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with professional air conditioner cleaning agent.

Potted water in air-conditioned rooms

The cold air in air-conditioned rooms will not only cause tears to evaporate too quickly, but also take away skin and respiratory tract The water in the water, long-term lack of water causes dry skin, dry itching and other symptoms.

Putting water in the room will prevent moisture from evaporating and play a role in moisturizing.

Drink more hot water

In the air-conditioned room, you need to drink more hot water to promote blood circulation and body sweat, thus preventing air-conditioning diseases.

Disinfecting with vinegar

Vinegar has a strong inhibitory effect on bacteria. When using air conditioner, you can put a large bottle of water in the spray bottle and pour 2 Spoon white vinegar, sprayed and disinfected in the room, can effectively kill the bacteria in the air.

The air conditioner is good, cool and cool in the summer

The correct air-conditioning method

Are you getting it?