Huaihailu Road Pacific, a Taiwan department store recession sample

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Huaihailu Road Pacific, a Taiwan department store recession sample

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I heard that the Pacific department store in Huaihailu Road, Shanghai to be closed, I specially went to a trip. Store hanging a large number of discount notices, still orderly, the clerk is still considerate.

This is a lot of Shanghai people involved in the old feelings of the department store was opened in 1997, they and the landlord - Ruian Hongkong Real Estate Company leases for up to 20 years.

Recent "First Financial Daily" reported that the contract is not renewed, the Pacific has to go.

Across the street from the K11 just red, modern men and women in and out, completely ignoring the lonely pacific.

I once thought that the Pacific is a state-owned enterprise, however, they are authentic Taiwan company.

Taiwan far east group, is the parent company of the Pacific, with the "Pacific SOGO department store and other retail brand" etc..

SOGO? Would you like me to think of the streets of Hongkong, those lovely SOGO SOGO, and mainland SOGO? Don't worry, speak slowly.

This company is in Taiwan in 1993 to enter the mainland, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu have the Pacific Department store.

In addition to the upcoming curtain call of the Huaihai Road, Pacific, Shanghai's Xujiahui and not nocturnal city two stores, linking the house with the landlord lease and seven years.

The Pacific Ocean in recent years continue to close the shop, and now only 9 of the mainland.

- - -

There is a story behind the Pacific, and it can be traced back to Japan in 1830.

Zhang Minqiang several entrepreneurs in Taiwan are more successful, he founded by his Taiwan Pacific Construction Group, with Japan's SOGO cooperation, founded in Taiwan SOGO.

However, the relationship between Taiwan SOGO and Japan SOGO complex, far from Hongkong as clear.

Zhang Minqiang life and career is full of ups and downs, natural disasters, he once zigubuxia, Taiwan SOGO in the hands of others.

Li Henglong took over the name of the person, the information is not much, it seems that the beginning of Zhang Minqiang's right-hand man.

Chapter, Li Erren into beasts of burden, in recently for up to ten years of time, two people in order to compete for Taiwan SOGO, do not hesitate to set off an uproar again and again.

Not only access to justice, but also involves the Chen Shuibian corruption scandal, was at home to kill each other.

Until today, two personal battles have no clear end. However, born in 1920, Zhang Minqiang has nearly a hundred years old, Li Henglong these years, naturally did not concentrate on the department store business.

Today, the Shanghai people sigh, is about to leave the Shanghai Huaihailu Road Pacific department store, Taiwan SOGO business in the mainland.

From 90s to 2000 this period of time, the state of Taiwan SOGO is also good.

They to "Pacific Department Store" this brand in the mainland to expand, news of the year, a large number of Taiwanese smug to Pacific Ocean along with captured on the beach.

Now, Huaihailu Road Shanghai Pacific to withdraw, the other parts of the mainland Pacific business is not very good.

To sum up, the story is that the Japanese SOGO in Taiwan and Hongkong have a branch. Hongkong SOGO into the mainland out of the long light department stores, Taiwan SOGO also entered the mainland, the Pacific department store is open.

- - -

Mainland department stores do not seem to be very good. Indeed, the Chinese government corruption heavy blow to luxury consumption, and unstoppable providers meet the daily needs of ordinary people.

Today's mainland department without brains "consumer experience", they increase the proportion of food, family garden activities organized, difficult pulled a passenger flow and popularity.

However, it seems more Taiwan department store some lonely.

Taiwan had a friend chat, it is said that now Taiwan youth, but also a little Japanese style decadent, enterprising spirit is not so enough. Taiwan power consumption in the mainland, the service industry gradually faded.

For example, Taiwan and the two star SOGO Mitsukoshi Department store, they all originated in Japan, both in the mainland.

In Beijing Shin Kong, with Taiwan and the mainland partners, Shin Kong was renamed "Beijing SKP". Taiwan's ASE department, in a handful of mainland projects, in order to attract popularity, expanding the proportion of food, become like a dining center.

Today in the mainland, by the influence of Japanese department store, has represented the advanced the governance concept of Taiwan department store, as a ship, a point a to the sink.

The mainland is Hongkong popular retailers, they are also powerful developers.

Some source to old-fashioned British Matheson, such as wharf, Wheelock, Swire; some rising stars of Hong Kong, the Hang Lung Property in Hong Kong is a subway on the cover shops fortune small companies, in the mainland a big thunder; Sun Hung Kai, successfully bet in first tier cities and their relationship with the brand good, don't worry about popularity.

Compared with the Taiwan department store, Hongkong retailers pay more attention to control, usually in the mainland is a wholly-owned, but they are real estate business background, the property is their own home.

Taiwan department stores seem to be more willing to find the resources of enterprises in the mainland, the property is often rented to other people's home.

Hong Kong businessmen pragmatic, to retail, commercial real estate as a science to study, concentrate; the story of Taiwan businessman too much attention to domestic politics, there seems to be no good retailers duty.

Streams of people busily coming and going all is a benefit.

And we, the spectators, but hope that your life is a fair battlefield, so excellent, won awards, let old, to leave it.

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