Military uniforms to reward the Soviet soldiers brother's wardrobe

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Military uniforms to reward the Soviet soldiers brother's wardrobe

2016-07-21 22:13:49 848 ℃

Someone once said: the test of a man good, give him a uniform can see out. If Zhong Hanliang, William Chan also like.

Recently the number nine hit, Xiaobian as Tomb powder can not avoid custom, went to see several eyes, could not help but want to Tucao: background story began in 1903, is the rule of the warlords period, huh? Wait! There seems to be something wrong!

Xiao Bian has shocked, the original big Buddha is hiding Kuomintang ah...... But when William wore an army uniform stand in front of the camera, Xiaobian forgive the director, forgive the screenwriter, forgive the props. An army uniform, not Hin posture, sudden temperament, more a kind of justice awe inspiring as the sense that, even in small series are circle of Chen Chen_weiting passers-by powder, visible uniform charm.

To speak of military uniforms, in the small series of the first reaction in the brain or the military uniform of our country, as well as our imitation of the Soviet union. So today, Xiaobian through the old nine it shares with winds of nostalgia for the thick taste shrimp you go and have a look at the popular in the Soviet Union in the 20th century the m69 uniforms.

First is the ordinary soldier's uniform, including summer and winter, though it hat looks a little like the downstairs security uncle, but wins in simple and generous, winter is replaced gray Plush hat. It would be a little odd for us, but the Soviets prefer the gray to black.

The M69 style uniform with Western standards, respectively, uniforms and dress, dress is the following:

The Israeli summer green, red color, gray winter coat. Both with brown belts and gloves, more spirit, hat highlights discipline, velvet display tolerance. Wear the medal is a improve the honor and confidence of clothing, put on it, my mother will not worry about me not rejoice in the chest.

In addition to men's soldiers, female soldiers also have a clear division, the following is a regular service:

To today, although the two sets of clothing slightly somewhat blunt, but still not inferior to other uniforms. And this summer uniforms if let Xiaobian to wear, Xiaobian will choose the shirt in dress, revealing the waist, most fashion fashion fashion, dancing bar definitely.

M69 is "modern" is known, or because of the system and accessories, the following is the officers often wear, there are queues and non cohort of points:

Simple waist and chest strap (hold nonsense!) More significant figure, with black boots, no lack of things, there is no spare place, seems to be just right neat.

Compared to a black dress, the Russians prefer gray and navy blue, the following is the officers and extended active duty soldiers summer queue dress:

Compared to the top of the dress, the two sets of maxi dress different is its main color is the sea blue, supplemented by yellow waist and cuff red dark line, and paired with white gloves, delicate and not exposed.

Then is the senior officer of the non queue is often served, is not very familiar with?

Unlike other ranks uniform, the first set of uniform is Xiaobian favorite double breasted, collar and slender, highlighting the aura of old cadres, and the other a long overcoat if the coat open, cliffs and pull boom.

Finally is the general and marshal of the dress I will say!

The two sets of dress with navy blue tone, cuffs and collars embroidered with golden yellow and red lace, double breasted, white gloves with black boots and black dwarf shoes, rank badges and chest medal cross Ying, extravagant and fine.

Maybe you will say, there is no real looking at it.

All right then.

M69 style uniforms although the issue has been a long time, but still have a lot of fans, they or imitation, or buy, or modified, received the uniform wear, integrity is poured into the body. Russian soldiers of integrity and blood, already into uniform design in shows at the same time also tell people in Russia: your happy life, by us to protect!

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