A double wedding is the debut Fu Chen, Chen is not a double coffee or the first domestic jewelry sponsorship

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A double wedding is the debut Fu Chen, Chen is not a double coffee or the first domestic jewelry sponsorship

2016-07-21 22:24:10 992 ℃

Because Michelle Chen, Chen wedding domestic fashion brands too conspicuous. At one time, I thought they opened the precedent of a second star Wedding: find domestic brand sponsorship.

Figure PO most is a dragon Guo Pei high production workshop set. The bride of Michelle Chen wearing jewelry: necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry are from the Zhou Dafu the Imperial Palace culture series.

However, deep eight down, the main wedding is the Italian designer Alberta ferrett design, making, wedding ring, the ring all from Cartier. The title "written over aunt wedding is domestic sponsorship, but also pioneered the" star of marriage can only be abandoned. Heartache face.

Although this, the double Chen wedding is still regarded as the first use of domestic brands in the past two years, the star wedding (here only to discuss the cause of the widespread concern of the star wedding). Angelababy and the Yellow Sect of the wedding ring while used are domestic brands of custom, but excellent custom is a custom-made a variety of strange things of e-commerce website. Choose their rings, simply because AB wants to design a pair of rings.

There is a large coffee, small coffee is made?

Well, that's basically the reason.

Don't believe a pair of to review the next.

Yuan Hong & Xinyi Zhang

Circle coffee: two or three line

Wedding Time: May 30, 2016

In addition to the handsome out of the sky on the Groomsmen, this marriage is not big on the water. The gogoboi who were removed from the entertainment fashion experts are not eight.

Their wedding dress from Chinese designer Laurence Xu hand, is to design the robes of fan ye.

Jewelry and wedding rings are sponsored by Bvlgari. Including Bvlgari Diva 's Dream series rose red chalcedony earrings, rings and flower rose gold diamond ring.

Then...... No.

Liu Shishi & Nicky Wu

The circle line: Coffee

Wedding Time: March 21, 2016

Moving, nostalgia, expensive is the wedding of the key words.

The poem the yarn is said to be worth 3 million, by the French high fashion brand Carven custom. 20 craftsmen spent 500 hours, after 3 months to do a good job. Carven also breath to poetry designed 5 sets of wedding dress, let her pick.

All jewelry from Beers De. 5 carat diamond ring main, 12 million, from De Beers INFINITY series of senior jewelry design. The ring from the Beers One home Diamond De brand custom.

Nicky Wu suits all come from Docle& Gabbana, the bride and groom all shoes are Choo Jimmy.

Chinese style dress from Guo Pei Couture workshop.

AB& yellow.

Wedding Time: November 29, 2015

The wedding of the century and the founder of the Baby you may remember.

Angelababy main wedding custom made by Dior, craftsmen spent nearly a thousand hours of production. The day wore Chaumet antique pearl diamond crown, has more than and 100 years of history, in Paris headquarters, not for sale. Diamond engagement ring but also from Chaumet, in the Yellow Sect headquarters in Paris during a visit to buy.

Wedding shoes from Choo Jimmy.

Huang Xiaoming three suits are customized from Ford Tom. All clothes add up to 350 thousand yuan.

AB wedding night's dress is Zhang Shuping do. An invitation in Chinese dress and the toast clothing from Guo Pei Couture workshop.

Gao Yuanyuan & Mark

The circle line: Coffee

Wedding Time: November 28, 2014

Round the same also used a full set of Chaumet jewelry. The wedding ring is a classic Chaumet series Plume, the couple in Beijing Shin Kong bought. The bracelet is Chaumet Hydrangea fine jewelry series.

Mark suit is ErmengildoZegna custom.

In view of the relationship between the first position and coffee are round and Chole super good. Chole for the first time. Give people a custom wedding. And once gave Gao Yuanyuan two sets. Theme yarn and see a visitor out short wedding took 200 hours, altogether the 20 artisans inlaid with more than 100 pieces of Swarovski in the wedding of mulberry silk and silk chiffon. The dress is the Taiwan designer die Xia Chen's works.

In the end, Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao. The bride's wedding dress is designed by Ferretti Alberta. The diamond ring is Cartier Solitaire 1895 series. The diamond ring and wedding ring have appeared for a magazine shoot in the double Chen blockbusters, is sponsored by Cartier.

Zhou Dafu and Guo Pei appeared in the official propaganda, is undoubtedly the sponsor.

The coffee, about in line to line, wedding day the biggest sponsor brand is Cartier, choose domestic jewelry brand is out of personal preference, but more may be limited to select.

To know that the star of the wedding has never been just a wedding so simple.

The second to the star to get married, do not need to copy, do not need to inform the media, are anxious to get some xiaojiannaodai material. Wear what clothes, wear what jewelry, and even underwear brands are not pulled out, after all, is the flow of fans ah.

Star hope to show their wedding to show their own Power in the fashion industry, fashion brands want to spread widely through the star wedding, set an example of strength.

Therefore, there is a coffee star will not casually take brand sponsorship, and international brands will not casually has sponsored Celebrity Wedding.

Finally, the emergence of the brand in the wedding, is the star in the number of more or less the willingness of the brand to pick out the brand. The more big international line appearance, after in fashion discourse is higher.

But whether there is a big international line would like to give you a pick, which depends on the current star coffee and in the fashion circle of influence.

So, there is a large coffee, small coffee for domestic, is absolutely established.

Of course, brand sponsorship or by a judge coffee coffee brand sponsorship judgment, also do not have to.

Very low-key star basically will not accept sponsorship, nor will the wedding in a large parade, such as Ariel Lin.

In addition, find that China designer Guo Pei has almost swept the Chinese wedding dress custom star. However, the Chinese dress is only Chinese people will be married to wear, in this area, Guo Pei is almost a monopoly.

Zhou Dafu rarely seen in the double Chen wedding, the domestic jewelry brand is concerned, is also a good signal. At least, there are domestic unique design elements and cultural China precipitation is opening the big coffee star market.

However, so many big coffee star wedding ring on the ring, and still water is full of international a gleam of major suit. Indeed, whether is Cartier, Bulgari or Chuament. There are people at a glance to see the brand history precipitation, unique personality charm of the design skill.

Clearly, this is precisely the lack of domestic jewelry brands.

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