The concept of time, Cartire (Cartier) series of classic blue balloons

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The concept of time, Cartire (Cartier) series of classic blue balloons

2016-07-21 22:25:47 399 ℃

Cartier has been is a favorite and the pursuit of brand, Cartier has been in hot pursuit of the royalty and celebrities, the people of Cartier charm is irresistible, as men are naturally car feelings, unreasonable! We have to admire the design of Cartire, he can reflect the human elegant side of the head. Etc.anyway, give you a map, you to guess the true and false!!!! Can't guess, then listen to me to say to you!!!! Ha-ha!!! Old rules first look at the data!!!! We must first look at the data!!! Look at data!!!! Look at data!!!

  • Wei * * table diameter: 42.1 mm

  • * * h case thickness: 13 mm

  • * * o case material: stainless steel

  • * * a dial color: Silver

  • N * * dial shape: round

  • * * 8 dial material: no

  • * * 8 table mirror material: sapphire crystal glass

  • * * 6 crown material: stainless steel groove type crown,

  • I * * buckle: folding buckle type

  • Table buckle material: stainless steel

  • Through the back: no

  • Weight: no

  • Water depth: 30 meters

  • baseMovement: ETA 2892-A2.

    Then we began to talk business, not gossip!!!!

    1, positive contrast: the new version on the left, the right for the genuine. Science compared the concept of time, but when to get the genuine contrast was stunned: case of gloss and reflective effect without flaw; mirror curvature and edge chamfering processing completely consistent; dial color and radiation texture is exactly the same; new version upgrade the pointer of the blue steel, genuine and at various angles pointer is interchangeable grades.

    Dial contrast: 30 degree angle to shoot we can more clearly see the dial radiation pattern, the level of clear, clear. Rome dial scale and the new version of the new version of the font is very thorough.
    Dial details: the time adjusted to 11 points, to observe the hour, minute and second hand length and proportion, and no difference between the details are in place.
    Calendar plate number: calendar is adjusted to 17, the calendar of digital fonts, and size, thickness is completely consistent. The new version of the pointer shaft
    Made a very genuine the same treatment, the heart of the. Careful observation, leading and found that the whole point of Rome digital inner ring of the column scale, genuine slightly wider than the new version.

    Table: table comparison ear joint diameter ear; chamfering is very delicate, a look at the details behind.
    On the side of the strap: this point we can clearly see the strap on the side of the curved shape and polishing process, the key and screw the proportion and position the strap I personally think do swap level.
    Side of the bubble mirror contrast: blue balloon size sapphire glass mirror is the fisheye effect, this version is doing very well, and genuine mirror compared in no way inferior. The ratio of the ear connecting position is consistent with the curve; the steel belt is consistent with the position of the screw of the steel belt; the arc protecting bridge of the head; and the screw on the back cover has the same bottom concave processing as the genuine goods. The middle part is drawing the watchband, lateral connection member is polished, the new version also do. Genuine demolition of two sections, so short.
    Size thickness contrast:

    Summary: the new version of the balloon basket is absolutely fully deserve God, rep boutique. Comparison of popular science in various angles and details of the detailed objective reflects the blue balloon outstanding, very recommended to start!The above is the difference between the latest version and genuine, in general it is good to do!!!! Buy to solve the detoxification, or a good choice, the above is the concept of time today's topic!!!! Interested can look at me to see the concept of evaluation, the concept of time will bring you to watch the evaluation!!! In the end to give myself a ad like I subscribe to my!!! Collect me!!! Forward me!!!