Silly face Na " goddess of the road " very hard?

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Silly face Na " goddess of the road " very hard?

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Tour kick-off in Las Vegas Revial, 2016

Desire to become mature (2008--2010)

Selena had often been criticized: dress too mature, from her several years ago the red carpet style do so. Was only ten years old foolish face Na often choose to walk the red carpet and age does not match the dress, and the many dress looks like a borrowed from the marriage market, styles are somewhat gaudy.

Choice Awards Teen, 2008

Awards in Beverly Hills IMAGEN, 2008

Annual Runway for Life 5th, 2008

Academy Awards British, 2008

Choice; Awards Kids', 2010

In addition to the skirt, Miss United States also liked all fairy Xian Fan children dress, from the ancient Greek style pleated skirt to yarn quality shoulder inclined skirt filled with, although very beautiful indeed, but is not suitable for that age gently, she.

Awards Alma, 2008

Arts Emmy Awards Creative, 2009

Choice Awards Teen, 2009

Pursuit of elegance and sexy (2010--2012)

After slightly jerky "old dress up as" period, Miss United States red carpet appearance gradually embarked on the right path. Begin to understand the red carpet or sexy to Bo eyeball truth. Miss the time in the United States began to try a lot of high slits or bra shape and tight wrap lithe and graceful curve of sexy models to full of romantic three-dimensional carved paragraph, can be the perfect present.

Video Music Awards MTV, 2010

S; Choice Awards People', 2011

Music Awards Billboard, 2011

Video Music Awards MTV, 2011