Long legs Yan good and fashion and the most suitable summer is the bird

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Long legs Yan good and fashion and the most suitable summer is the bird

2016-07-23 05:13:45 491 ℃

And don't say that people would have to look fashionable -- chopsticks leg, swan neck, whine to not all pink shape, rare birds label is proud to be posted on the forehead.

From far away to see this kind of gregarious birds, like a raging fire, burning out a whole summer of passion and fantasy.

Because of this, the Flamingo (Flamingo) has become one of the favorite elements of fashion designers. From fashion to shoes package to deserve to act the role of, when the "birds of prey" line up on the runway, the Flamingo already is a VIP pass the familiar face with.

At the same time is also often used to be fashionable to go to the street to go to the elements, and sometimes very delicate.

Sometimes a little abstraction. But in any case, you must be able to recognize the obvious characteristics of the bird.

For example, living in the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere of the Russian fashion ladies, it seems to be the main habitat in the southern hemisphere warm tropical animals full of longing and love!

Miroslava Duma to and fro the Russian brand Vika Gazinskaya spring and summer 2014 the Flamingo skirt wearing a times, even behind the brand of good sisters.

As one of the "Gang of four", the Russian Vika Gazinskaya himself through the Flamingo designed equipment to fashion week.

Another example of the current fire to a hand embroidered jacket, believe you because bullish "tiger" embroidery pattern and trained a tranquil heart, will because the Flamingo in a chic "bang bang bang" several times, beating.

This embroidered jacket comes from the Jacobs Marc 2015 spring and summer series. Yes, the pony for the season's brother added a lot of Sao gas flamingo, face powder.

Jacobs Marc 2015 spring and summer series

Said Sao full of gas, Katie Eary 2014 spring season that will also be full of flamingos, and pink flamingos Liu ping. Well, it's impressive.

Eary Katie 2014 spring and summer series

Such a high level of animals, of course, often run on the dress? But all appear to show affection in the form of pairs. Because people show affection like non! Often! Beauty!

Alexander McQueen 2016 early autumn series embroidered with a show of affection for the neck of flamingos in tulle.

Alexander McQueen 2016 early autumn series

In summer "tattoo style embroidery" famous young high brand Yacine Aouadi 2016 spring to show affection of flamingos in the waist, waist are so elegant beauty.

Aouadi Yacine 2016 spring and summer high set series

"I heard that you love to neck show affection, let me also to put a neck." Roberto Cavalli 2013 series made the Flamingo resort collar.

Cavalli Roberto 2013 holiday series

However, senior Flamingo is not high cold. Common leisure items such as T-shirts, dresses, flamingos also unremittingly brush presence". The Flamingo, the Shumenshulu is the brand of "holiday series"!

Giambattista Vall's vice line Giamba 2017 spring vacation series, pink flamingos easily make T-shirts vivid and interesting patterns.

Giamba 2017 early spring vacation Lookbook

Giles 2015 holiday series

More suitable than the vacation series Flamingo is obviously a swimsuit, across decades, flamingo always and swimwear has a 100 per cent fit.

Left: Right: Isabeli Fontana for photo Morena Rosa Swimwear

When the pink flamingo satay and elegant fusion curve, sexy is a piece of cake to vitality.

Lee + The Kissing Flamingo Swimsuit $340 Lani (ASOS)

Yes, in addition to the neck long legs fine, don't forget the flamingos and a "fit" plump figure. Moschino Moschino Cheap&Chic vice line for girls, a lot of lovely Flamingo bags. Want to carry this to the beach!

Cheap Chic & Flamingo Chain Bag $520 Moschino

Cheap Chic & Moschino 2014 spring and summer series handbags

Before ELLE pushed over the phone shell brand Dip Skinny (<<<点击进行扩展阅读),也有枚人见人爱的火烈鸟可爱钱包。它家的产品不仅涉及略萌,而且价格亲民官网购买能直送国内。

Skinny Dip Flamingo Coin Purse by 12

As for the elements of the Flamingo shoes, not to mention Sophia Webster. Is, it in addition to Victoria Secret Angels tread on the butterflies with shoes, the ingenious design of flamingo heel is also a major feature. The reference price is around 500 dollars.

The Flamingo in various other forms in Sophia Webster's shoes, such as a popular band.

Spring summer full of stamp.

Lively and playful two dimensional pattern.

Suction eye degree foot can play out.

There are shoes on the flamingo. Stubbs & Wootton Flamingo loafer girl heart full price $3000 or so, reference

Stubbs & Flamingo Loafers Wootton

Recently in Europe, America and Australia, popularity is quite high environmental flat shoes brand Soludos also lovely Flamingo paragraph embroidery, price very populist RMB 600 start.

Flamingo Loafers Soludos

But in fact, during the fashion week, there is a sense of flamingo in the T stage of the brush, nor in the fashionable people, feet. But this is only Wiggle Wiggle of mobile phone shell flamingo!

As easy to brush the face of fashion elements, in front of the camera fully displays the suction eyes, even if it's just a mobile phone shell can also "Bo eyeball.

Wiggle Funky iPhone 66SPlus Wiggle Cell Phone Silcone Case

Wiggle Wiggle in addition to the Flamingo, and cone and Daisy models are also very popular, and the same fun and a sense of existence.

The Flamingo mobile phone shell more interesting from the brand Charming Charlie. See! Three can dance Flamingo!

Charlie DANCING FLAMINGOS IPHONE 6/6+ CASE  $15; Charming

With Flamingo design fashion accessories, there are many, such as Italian luxury umbrella with brand Pasotti good-looking umbrella is not only we are most familiar with the skull and pink flamingo head.


Since Flamingo so holiday feeling, in the circle of friends "vacation photography contest", the girls most want to drying out certain is this photo.

Or so.

But this is obviously a little difficult, and for the second, or so it is OK?

Is too difficult or too large.

I finally became a flamingo...... Life buoy。 But even if it's just a big float, still occupy the major power star supermodel Instagram, almost sun "rotten".

The most fire brand is Life Sunny, who can think of such a swing to the sun in the circle of friends to use float, but also can become a manual...... No Flamingo float pool pool party called lying all feel shy.

Inflatable Flamingo $89 Sunnylife

There are such a special mini float drink is also a little moe.

Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holder $25 Sunnylife

But how to prove Sunny Life Flamingo float really to not fire? Until this product has been designed as a classic pattern on other products.

YIZISTORE air conditioning blanket $119 (Yoho available)

A flamingo said that, the most important is taking advantage of the 2016 summer has not yet been finished, hurriedly brought to you, "Flamingo" to fashionable holiday!