In addition to pregnant Ruby Lin what all answer: Chinese elder brother wedding Hu Ge

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In addition to pregnant Ruby Lin what all answer: Chinese elder brother wedding Hu Ge

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Distance with huojianhua Lin2 Xin such as wedding just ten days, in the background of the beautiful rivers and mountains of long line "conference, she and claiming to be" mother family "Yuan Hong [microblogging] accepted may be before her marriage in an interview. And in talking to the Sina entertainment, our numerous "ha ha ha ha ha", and claimed "Niang family" Yuanhong on the sofa laughing as a group -- and all of us are can not help but foolishly followed her with a laugh, the happiness of the bride, diffuse to room air has become a sweetish up.

After marriage with Chinese elder brother who is responsible for the beautiful flowers? Of course I. Comparison of boys or girls want to boys and girls, I like girls, I also like girls. Will be married to reduce the work? Can choose, as far as possible to accompany. So anxious to get married is not because of a shotgun wedding? No, I just think, anyway, finally still have to go to this step...... Well, really for the 40 year old has a big cause, but also like Kitty Hello, know how to live is the feeling of the heart is not the performance of the above, the girls are happy.

As for Yuanhong and together let Hu [microblogging] twice lost "lover", she and joy bloom: "good good laugh Oh, he never at the scene, always in the center of the topic!" Yuanhong is wish Hu, as soon as possible such as oneself and one's heart such as to find the other half.

Asked the question you are most concerned about, we have not forgotten the heart, such as the play producer and actress, she said he was "three years of children", "beautiful country". Heart such as said, this drama. Her role is no longer "all men are in love with me, all women are jealous of me", and we sincerely wish the bride can bring festivity for their "children", the ratings Changhong.

Part1 sweet imagine marriage

Of course I was responsible for the beautiful flowers! Try to want the girl to accompany the baby after marriage

Sina entertainment: heart, such as in people's minds is successful woman, but also has a like Hello Kitty little woman side, then with China elder brother married, who is to earn money to support their families? Who is going to the beauty of the flower?

Ruby Lin: of course I (beauty), ha ha (laugh). No, that's what I think everyone is doing the right job.

Sina entertainment: a lot of women will reduce the workload of the star after marriage, will gradually tend to the family, then you will be how to choose?

Ruby Lin: well...... I think there may be some trade-offs, but it will not say, completely regardless of the work. But as far as possible in a limited time can be more with each other.

Sina entertainment: the first two days to shoot Alec Su [micro-blog] director of the play, and today to do publicity, you have not with your staff protest, which have the bride so busy?

Ruby Lin: no way ah, that is, the recent work, ah, or to do. (Yuan Hong: it's time to get married.)

In yesterday, I also asked him, you got married there is no more time to get along? He said, a married, we each to shoot.

Sina entertainment: so learn with married people?

Ruby Lin: No, because we haven't seen him for a long time, and then he got married and I didn't have time to go, so yesterday we just went to Beijing the day before, so we first met and chatted about it. (Wang Linjie and Yuanke Wang are married and have children of this experience you have learn from?) no ah, this not what to take.

Yuan Hong: I asked the husband and wife Yuanke Wang, I asked you two of the twins are how to get out of it? They said, surprise, ha ha ha, so no desirable. (Ruby Lin: there's a gene in the family).

Sina entertainment: what do you expect to be a boy or a girl?

Yuan Hong: I do, I may be more inclined to like girls, boys are more inclined to like girls.

Ruby Lin: my father is more like girls, girls may feel more intimate bar. Because I am also a girl, I would feel that girls are more intimate. (so the heart is also like girls?).

Sina entertainment: so the baby has a plan for it?

Ruby Lin: let nature take its course.

Yuan Hong: Yes, let it go.

Part2 love Hu Ge 30 seconds!

We all hurt him! I hope he found the other half as soon as possible.

Sina entertainment: did you go to comfort Hu? After all he lost two "lover".

Ruby Lin: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Yuan Hong: we both hurt him.

Ruby Lin: he's never on the spot, and he's always in the center of the topic. (Yuan Hong was laughing) they are old friends, I am not so familiar, it is okay.

Yuan Hong: but you hurt him. (oh! The first distressed me Hu 30 seconds!)

Sina entertainment: do you have a chat with Hu Ge about this?

Yuan Hong: in fact, as a friend, I hope he can find his other half early, hoping to see him go to this step as soon as possible.

Sina entertainment: the heart such as why not look for Hu Ge to be his best man? This is the voice of a lot of friends.

Ruby Lin: the best man is not looking for girls.

Yuan Hong: he's a man, I'm a woman. He will then be the bride from me, first step in the past. (laughter)

Sina entertainment: with Hsu Chi [micro-blog] is particularly good bestie also travel together, then you marry, she is young now?

Ruby Lin: No, I think she's very good. In fact, everyone is still quite single enjoy their single life. I don't think so much about it. I think it's good to have a good life.

Sina entertainment: so Hsu Chi is likely to be a bridesmaid?

Ruby Lin: don't ask this.

Part3 ultimate Q: how pregnant?

No, because the flash marriage married? You think anyway, eventually have to go to this step

Sina entertainment: the heart, such as why from the release of love to the wedding set are particularly fast it?

Yuan Hong: This is a very neat person.

Ruby Lin: like I do, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Sina entertainment: is it because you think you want to know?

Heart such as: well...... Yeah, yeah, there's nothing to hide, everyone is just a little bit more normal.

Sina entertainment: heart like before participated in a reality show love? Some romantic plot in reality you will never learn about?

Ruby Lin: I think the reality is a little bit different from the drama, we still have a normal life, right, I think a lot of things is the feeling of the heart, not the performance of the above.

Sina entertainment: you play a lot of idol drama actress well, then your wedding will not be a special dream?

Ruby Lin: we are in fact a comparison, family, family members and relatives and friends this way, will not be too, too...... (is it warm?) well. (that Yuan Hong will give the heart such as baby when a godfather what? (laughter) such as heart)

Yuan Hong: to say that day to say that day.

Sina entertainment: so your wedding is mainly in charge of the Chinese brother or are you in charge of the preparations for it?

Ruby Lin: the two sides of the agent in charge, ha ha ha ha (laughter). (do you have any idea?)

We just decided, but roughly what is him to help us, because we are two people is actually quite busy. And...

Yuan Hong: the heart is also quite big.

Ruby Lin: No, because we have no experience in this area, do not know what to do, so it is still in the company, I think it is pretty funny. Yuan Hong: in fact, this allows them to get unrealistic. Yeah, I don't know anything.

Sina entertainment: but we want to say so anxious to get married is not really married?

Ruby Lin: No, I just feel that, anyway, ultimately still have to go to this step, ha ha ha. (the ultimate question! So the heart like and how the baby brother Hua? You get to?)

Part4 Yuan Hong is her family.

Say "die early marriage" to think better wife as the heart of elder brother Hua Ye are not together?

Sina entertainment: the role of Liu Xiu, said "wife when marry Yin Lihua", Yuanhong himself is a very painful wife?? heart like you understand a bit?

Ruby Lin: I think he should have been very painful. He is very good for girls, very gentle, very care.

Yuan Hong: but she was guessing, I didn't have a wife at that time, and she didn't know.

Sina entertainment: but in reality show you Yuan Hong recently said "regret die marry".

Ruby Lin: Die marry someone like this? (he said)

Yuanhong: joking, died early marriage, in fact in the second half of the sentence has not said, in fact, behind is to say I should as soon as possible to the program and get to know more about women, even know how to talk to girls get along with, more understand a woman's heart and remarry wife will better for the wife. Complete words are like this, it is like this.

Ruby Lin: I really can talk!

Sina entertainment: wife with you because you did not say the second half.

Yuan Hong: No, no, she knew I was kidding, not serious. You often black her on micro-blog.

She often black me, anyway, black.

Ruby Lin: you take the photo is really ruthless, sleep that, too much.

Sina entertainment: if such a heart is so black, what will be?

Ruby Lin: Oh, I'm going to be angry. Will you K Hua Ge?

Yuan Hong: never tried, the next arch Hua elder brother let him try, you know.

Ruby Lin: I didn't get this kind of situation. (China and brother is Xiangjingrubin normal?).

Sina entertainment: Yuan Hong know heart such as and Chinese elder brother together, there is very surprised?

Yuan Hong: in fact, fortunately, there is a surprise, after all, these two people have known for so long, and finally...... But the other point of view is also very normal, because the right. In fact, we have thought before, these two people, why not together?

Ruby Lin: ha ha ha ha ha, too ripe.

Sina entertainment: before Nicky Wu [micro-blog] and Liu Shishi [micro-blog] in the time, you also said so.

Yuan Hong: they did that at that time, but also have thought of and did not expect. Did not think of is, when filming because everyone was aware of, such as heart: did not expect is in the play), and they together, you also feel very match. And the trick in life to achieve, how good ah.

Sina entertainment: so what is the opportunity to let two people come together?

Ruby Lin: ha ha ha ha ha, do not know, do not know this, it is difficult to say, I really don't know what to say.

"Part5" is no longer beautiful Jiangshan marysue

This time not all men love my pajamas to wear the authority of HelloKitty

Sina entertainment: from the beauty deceit to the disfavored pour "you played a lot of legendary woman, Yin Lihua and before role has something different?

Ruby: I think the biggest difference is that, in fact, Yin Lihua she is real on the battlefield to help Liu Xiu lay the Jiangshan, she has not only behind to do those Gongwei struggle, she is a woman of a prudent. (close to the power of the woman) in fact, but fortunately, she actually did not participate in the fight too much power. And so on Liu Xiu when the emperor, she actually had to retire, to concentrate on the back with him.

Yuan Hong: more is bear weight.

Yin Lihua is such that the Sina entertainment: before we estimate on Douyi room and Mafu is "all men love me, all women are jealous of me"?

Ruby Lin: This is not, she is to concentrate on to follow Liu Xiuyi individual, two people is the only one, Liu Xiu is more hard, more busy.

Sina entertainment: Yuan Hong and the heart such as partner, two people tacit understanding?

Yuan Hong: very good, we have a tacit understanding of the two. Come up have nothing to run, I still have to understand her.