The bride must see 2017 6 wedding trends

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The bride must see 2017 6 wedding trends

2016-07-23 05:13:18 332 ℃

A princess like fairy tale wedding is a dream of many girls' wedding, but in turn, it is better to show your personal characteristics than to play the role of the princess on the big day! How to choose a set of elegant perfect, at the same time can set off the personal characteristics of the wedding, quickly come from the six major trends in the following 2017 spring and summer wedding dress to find inspiration!

Break the traditional white yarn: soft, light pink

In the color of spring and summer 2017 wedding, you can see lots of white yarn dare and surprising is, under the skilled designers, unexpectedly appear more gentle than white yarn options? The answer is this year hold sway soft pink hue, jumping wedding ivory white, creamy white given the impression, soft colors of the wedding unconventional, do not charge pneumatic foil bride intellectual temperament of the light.

Sexy: segmentation, hollowed out partly hidden and partly visible

For the disposition of the bride, the little dew is not a problem, the focus is how to show in order to live at the same time hold elegant and sexy? In the details to show sexy segmentation effect of the wedding is the best choice, such as small dew waist wedding dress is very prominent body beautiful lines, in the not too bare for the wedding is a big plus. Mentioned hollow may can not help but think of some Hollywood stars too tight and the dress that exposes, but don't just from the hollow gauze is removed from the list, this season zuhair Mmurad designed the ultimate elegant hollow gauze, looming in between, revealed charming full of feminine, so you might as well give yourself more choice, may have an unexpected amazing.

Small cover arm of the temperament of the wedding dress: shawl, with sleeves

Few seem to relatives and friends in the wedding to see off the arm and does not reveal the wedding? However, not everyone has the model like slender neck, soft on the shoulder line. Fortunately, beautiful wedding dress not only in bra top, spring / summer 2017, New York Wedding week trend was strongest, to say is all kinds of elegant, soft shawl. The delicate lace embroidery, stacked charming lotus lace, to unique and touching the Swarovski Crystal encrusted dress, for the bride brought a refined and elegant.

Vitoria: a retro revival

Over the past few seasons across the couture show Vitoria style retro, it swept the 2017 spring and summer wedding dress design. Originally thick atmosphere of aristocratic elements, in that the designers use modern methods of re interpretation, to create a noble and elegant retro - necked dress, like castle hostess, classical and mysterious. This seems to flow in the veins of extravagance, from the inside and outside the seemingly conservative wedding show the charm of different.

The bride love playing "pants": Wedding Dress Pants

Skirt is undoubtedly the mainstream of the wedding, but also there is no lack of pursuit of a unique, personal characteristics of the bride, wedding dress pants, not only to provide brides are more varied and more comfortable, but also represents the liberation of gender framework. Pants dress subtleties and it is neat and beautiful, like Carolina Herrera put the shirt collocation 9 minutes of pants, in the low-key filling curve and charm, Elie Saab, with wide leg pants collocation romantic lace, blurring the gender boundaries, but without prejudice to the essence of "beauty".

Before and after one: the length of the wedding dress

Wedding drag dream of skirt, of course, but if want to field a romantic beach wedding, lawn wedding, and they want to and guests together dance carnival, portable and simple short version of the wedding is the best choice! A short version of the wedding can provide brides greatly convenience, let a person running and jumping freely, no longer as a wedding "humanoid licensing legislation", not normally a brand of wedding length, it also brings surprises of beauty.