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Faye Wong, Alexa Chung in what perfume?

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If elder sister's face bag series again, this time caused the attention of if elder sister is this one --

"Kate's sister married Pippa Middleton announced next year! The man is a businessman James Matheus. Two the forehead are sweet happy.

If elder sister's concern is that after the success of the marriage, why do you bring your own facial expressions?!

You know, before Pippa is go temperament route -- many Chinese translation called her name homophonic pipa, her fame with her Pipa type figure.

* she asked the skirt at my sister's wedding, with a slender figure and a lot of people seckill.

"Smile with my sister like charm

Since Kate married into the tease forced king...... Ah, after the British royal family, her sister actually also began to embark on the road to the inevitable expression of the package (this property will be infected with it...)

In this way

And this is the way......

Once with the help of King s relatives link, was brought to him the attribute is a matter of minutes...... Even now the hottest Ge You lay the British royal family are playing super:

The royal succession sequence seventeenth of the little princess, so soon Ge You was lying, promising!

So today if elder sister to take advantage of the opportunity to do this period of joy to the most complete expression of the royal family series, in front of sustained high energy yo ~

We heirs:

We are the Royal circles carry handle him

Let's start with the royal family's first succession to the throne.

Old driver CP: Queen & Prince Philip

Queen in the contribution expression package is the world level of excellence, funny is, whether the expression on her face is emotions, with a surge of thick Tucao sense.

The most famous facial paralysis of the Olympic Games in London - simply do not give their own Olympic Games a little face.

Sitting in a special expression bag with an annoying person.

The magic of laughter is also used by friends in her long stand on the stem -

The reality of the Queen's personality is also Hin fit the entertainment spirit of the package. For example, she was in someone else's self in Meng Meng to steal the spotlight.

Such as by the end of April this year, propaganda launched Invictus games of disabled ex servicemen of international sport, with the Obamas every empty Dazui battle to No. 6.

The Obama couple first push left behind relentless: "Prince Harry (the movement he initiated), bring it on ~boom!"

Then the prince went to his grandmother Queen town field, the queen becomes the second expression is max (our Tucao ~)

The Queen: "boom? Is it...... "(ha ha face seconds become indifferent face)

The queen so profound skill Tucao, her husband Prince Philip is not weak - mouth really toxic!

"As early as the Queen's coronation ceremony, the prince asked:" where did you get that hat?"

The March 2002 visit to Australia, Prince Philip asked the local indigenous people: "you are still throwing spears?"

Tucao] you don't want to get married parents daughter Princess Anne: "if the other party do not fart, not to eat the grass. She is won't be interested." (Princess Anne horse) - see, even the daughter umbrella does not help you for the prince......

The Cayman Islands asked local residents: "among you most people are not descendants of Pirates?"

"You look like you're going to bed and you look like you're going to go to bed," said the president of Nigeria!"

When traveling in Budapest, the Hungarian capital, said: "your time is certainly not a long time - you don't even have a beer belly. (by Hungarian food)"

As long as the prince attended the diplomatic activities, the British Ministry of foreign affairs is the prince's mouth tremble with fear, afraid to provoke other people. (Prince ah, long snack bar...)

Abandon face siblings: Prince George & Sherlock Princess

Before if elder sister in Prince William and Kate's visit to Asia, when they did their expression package (poke this review), the couple even make a facial expression package are mainly moe.

The missing hair of Prince William's obsession with the hair is also cute ~.

Did not think of is a water born two children abandon face, a true queen.

The young George was in his arms as long with a disgusted face

The sale also shows a adorable solemnity

After the birth of sister Sherlock, George's face with the cold

"My father playfully, even despise.

The Queen's 90 birthday that day wearing a fluorescent green suit, Sherlock look bright

Sad reminders two group: Prince Charles & son Prince Harry

Charles is inherited teams in the most sad reminders of the: long standby, Prince of the old bacon. In the future, it is said that the queen sent a cross he fell to his son Prince William.

Miserable face this setting also extended to other things, such as last year to participate in the flower festival is an eagle to frighten the wrinkled.

"Forgive sister if unkindly laughed......

Prince Harry also very sad reminder, nothing will be Prince William brother abuse dog.This one and the elder brother to watch the game picture proved single dog lonely cold......

Daily also with a single dog a stupid MOE stupid feeling.

France Royal branch:

We can be funny.

In addition to the descendants of the first echelon of the heir to the throne Prince Charles, Queen knee children and Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, although than Charles a much more low-key, but is still inherited Royal emoticon packs of excellent traditional.

Daughter of the Queen's daughter: a flying woman

The daughter of the Queen's daughter's daughter... Now in the throne inheritance list, ranked 17th MIA Tindall lively active it can be included in the ranks of men and women.

An appearance is a series of facial expressions.

Stay in the arms of their parents are restless.

Her parents, also is Princess Zara and British football star Mike Tindall, had invented all kinds of holding baby method to cure the small ancestors.

Because it is too naughty, only photos of her a bag for the queen by foreign friends crazy P map......

"This is the original, the left second carrying a bag girl she is.

"Why appear in the Obama side or so there is no sense of violation and it ha ha ha......

Finally, to give you a color "egg" bar!

As you may know, the male members of the British royal family has a problem, is young began to bald faced problems.

For example, senior bald, Queen Elizabeth's three son Edward:

If sister always felt that Prince Edward's head is particularly familiar, later discovered that the original is Prince William the same paragraph!

Well! Let if sister laugh for a while...

Write here, if elder sister want to say a word with the Queen: the son of a walk in the face of this package, you work hard!

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