Red Valentino 2016 early autumn series

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Red Valentino 2016 early autumn series

2016-07-21 22:34:09 351 ℃

To promote self expression, to abandon the traditional rules - Valentino Red

It is a point of view, never to be strong.

It embraces the contrast and has a plurality of elements, the pure and the arts are connected to a line.

It shows women be the most changeful appearance, image change with time and environment.

Because today, change is eternal.

It pays attention to the touch and visual effects, using texture to speak. It has a very good interpretation of the history of the most fashionable way to change the restructuring, to get rid of the shackles of the past.

REDValentino is a character: the girl who kept writing her personal story.

She never contrived, vibrant and unique style have a unique style.

Her daily deduction of different shapes this is her diary.

She is good at mix style a bit left of centre.

She loves to dream, but not from the earth.

She is romantic, sentimental and romantic.

She seems to be weak, but strong and fearless.

She is passionate, affectionate, full of expectation.

She is lovely style bold, sometimes sweet, sometimes in a daze.

Forever hold true to me, never compromise.

Lazy is her latest fashion creed, like a painter to escape from reality. California is her dream, weave 2016 early autumn story:

Pale pink color with vertical width;

Transparent design tender cut very neat paste;

Together with the other numerous lace conform to no conventional pattern.

Hearty rivet jeans, the most suitable for the reality. Lovely met the handsome: knee half skirt, seven pants, windbreaker, military uniform element, just perfect.

The shirt collar was partly hidden and partly visible, high. Feel rich applique, and psychedelic floral patterns, geometric patterns and overlapping vortex.

The dress is only ultra short or long, there is no moderation between the two. Just and gentle and charming flowers and wonderful Harmony: harmonious coexistence can rivet.

Suede boots, high-heeled shoes, embroidered Square portable shoulder bag, dove pendant. A pink gradient, rust red, red wine with hints of black and yellow.

To mature with the streets of sophisticated elegance, must be without restraint, free play. There are also innovative impulse changes but the same.