2016 in the first half of the emergence of inventory of the new technology

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2016 in the first half of the emergence of inventory of the new technology

2016-07-21 22:41:58 414 ℃

[watch clock culture at the beginning of this year the two tables show attracts longing watch enthusiasts around the world, the most main reason lies in the fact that every year two large tables show will meet unprecedented clocks and the world. Watch the latest concepts and techniques, will shine in the two exhibition.

In this year's Geneva International Exhibition of watches and clocks, Audemars Piguet launched a a Royal Oak concept series super timekeeping watches, with treble strong and precise pitch features. This gold watch with lightweight titanium metal watchcase, perfectness audible timekeeping, and with the unparalleled acoustic performance, exquisite quality and precise tone to the highest standards of watchmaking.

Three innovative patents, the ultimate harmony, exclusive sound and bright tone perfect blend. The sound of spring structure of a new method of design of stainless steel material, to create the one and only three minute repeater sound. Watch case with a new R & D, unique structure can prevent the loss of sound, in order to achieve the effect of sound amplification. According to the traditional production process, the three time asked sound spring mechanism is directly fixed on the main machine core plate. The sound spring is mounted on a device which is made of a special material. Sound spring will be the hammers strike the vibration produced by the direct transmission to the special material of the device, rather than the traditional movement, the main plate. The science and technology innovation as the guitar body, through precise resonance, increase volume, tone and voice tone. For the control of time, adjusting device reported moment and rhythm of the same points through a new design. A sound spring pin is more flexible, and can absorb noise when the operation time generating device.

After the Basel International Watch Fair in Athens, with a Grand Deck flagship navigation Tourbillon surprise four. The Athens Tourbillon Tourbillon highlight is not in, but in the minute hands. Looks like a conventional inverse pointer, but if you look carefully you will find that the length of more than half of the diameter of the dial pointer is controlled by the fine line pull.

Obviously, watch design will vessel elements into them, to talk about this form of function technology how so beautiful dial is worth us enjoy the quiet a lot of. The minute hand is driven by a high-tech nano line, so that in the scale up of the arc. Every hour, she will automatically return to the origin. She returned to a special automatic control mechanical device, only need to reset 3 to 4 seconds to achieve the minute hand. In order to solve the slider movement must consume huge energy, this meter used UN-630 self-made manual machine adopts double barrel design, a movement for, another for the time display, this final table has more than 48 hours of power storage. Waterproof up to 100 meters. It is worth mentioning is the slider material is made of polyethylene Dyneema fiber, is one of the important materials in sailing ship equipment production, don't look at traction force has a diameter of only 0.0357 mm, but enough to withstand 1.41kg. Not only that, mast pointer and wood dial, a lock nail and a pulley, perfect fusion together, for people to create a vessel is sea, sailing scene!

Once on the Internet explosion of red over a period of time of the mobile phone module surely we are very familiar with, TAG Heuer in this year will also be the Heuer 01 and Heuer 02 two watches the modular concept. The case consists of 12 modules, random according to their own interests to replace the variety of colors and materials watch more wild, full of fashion sense, TAG Heuer is really more and more young brand. (picture / text watch house Dong Hang)