Kurhn engaged! This 90 billion rich and very handsome (do their own, will always meet a better future)

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Kurhn engaged! This 90 billion rich and very handsome (do their own, will always meet a better future)

2016-07-21 22:43:33 490 ℃

The 33 year old popular supermodel Miranda Krell (Miranda Kerr) and 26 year old worth $2.1bn snapchat CEO Ivan Spiegel (Evan Spiegel) exchanges a year after, yesterday on instagram released the betrothal. In the photo, wearing the classic cut diamond engagement ring, and with Bitmoji expression. According to Kerr said two people in 2014 the Louis Vuitton dinner, first from friends and positive, officially to the identity of the couple unveiled June 2015.

Recently a public appearance is May 16, the White House dinner, Miranda Kerr wearing a Carolina Herrera 2016 winter show a soft pink decals skirt appearance, the price of nearly 10 million yuan.

The gas field full of strong woman Ivan Spig, with a shy smile.

Knowing six months later Miranda Kerr decided to introduce Spiegel to her ex husband Orlanndo Bloom: "Bloom thinks he's pretty good, after Spiegel met my son. We are now family modern!"

High handed president full of love

The 26 year old president handed, he and Chloe together very low-key, very little is photographed by the media, from film to the photo to see, two people are the face of love.

For example the considerate help Kerr Fu door.

Two people in the supermarket shopping also has the quantity of.

Out of the street is also a high handed president in hand.

Even at the airport is so sweet, envy others.

Ivan Spiegel is not choose not to buckle after 90, born in June 4, 1990, was lively and clever and mischievous, is a Gemini boy. In 2011, he founded the snapchat, an "after reading that burn of social software, immediately attracted a large number of home, even Facebook and Google have been put forward to the 30-40 billion dollars of high priced acquisitions, but Spiegel all say no. Spiegel's mother Melissa graduated from Harvard Law School, Father John W. Spiegel at Stanford School of economics, then get the Yale University law school diploma, and Spiegel himself is from Stanford dropout opened snapchat, and others, but only a few credits on graduation, although after does not play, is the real self willed.

In 2014 Ivan Spiegel had boarded the "Forbes" magazine cover, a change in the play of that person, which is to rival Facebook are afraid of. In 2015, according to the Forbes website reported August 5th, in Forbes recently announced the global technology industry top 100 rich list, there are 15, 40 year old young billionaire among them, the age minimum a is Ivan Spiegel, he was only 25 years old, also is in the world the youngest billionaire, its net assets yield $21 billion. This is rich real!

Other things about Ivan Spiegel, here is not for the time being, are interested in children's shoes can search on their own, but we know you must about his previous love life, the Gemini man how could live bored.

In 2013, Ivan Spiegel and model Aragon Lucy have had a feeling.

Don't search, Aragon Lucy is not in Models.com.

For a long time has passed Taylor and Spiegel, but do not count.

(old are you How?...... How old are you?

Like such a rich handsome, his fate will be how it?

Until 2014 in the Louis Vuitton dinner he met kerr......

Kurhn stressed: "for a period of time when we started dating friends." She previously described Spiegel as "a 25 year old is like 50 years old, he went home to go out is to go to work, after work. We don't often go out on dates. We always have dinner at home and go to bed early." Well, old people live!

Today, of course, our protagonist is absolutely Miranda Kerr, the 1983 April 20, was born in Gunnedah in New South Wales, Australia supermodel, experienced with the elf Prince Orlando Bloom three years of marriage, the Aries woman how life bloom splendor! (here is the relationship between the text and the division of the gorgeous split line)

Kerr is a hangerIndependent age

32 year old former Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr) can be described as is the fashion freaky benchmark figure, her every beat street are very delicate, but her style collocation is not complicated, simple a decollete dress harness, lazy vest with skinny jeans, the optional low-key dress but most inadvertently show fashion taste and hot body.

How could she be so beautiful? Some people say that love is the moisture plus self cultivation, all aspects will strive to perfect, this is not unreasonable.

1 do not chase the trend of chaos, the most favorite single product when it is not outdated

For example, dress, different color is with a kind of styles, known as he is baby face T-shirts so wear a skirt wearing only a deep V, really very facial modification.

2 suit + T shirt

For example, a suit + basic T-shirt, a wardrobe T-shirt is finally come in handy, a dark suit is the effect of downsizing.

3 airport installed never wrong

Sifu is the best proof that star clothing products, each airport look Kerr will elaborate outfit, under the condition of comfortable and not lose fashionable word. This is her last visit to Japan LOOK airport, is worthy of modern hot mom.

4 she is a good mother.

In many street racquet always see Kerr holding a small flowering, on July 16, Kerr with son Flynn and his friends go out, she wore a long striped shirt, show slender legs, fiddle with the road son hair, very loved.

Cause and love will come to youEfforts of the people whoFrom 1997 debut to now nearly 20 years, Miranda Kerr is how to run their own business and love it? After you feel she has the right to have children of her happiness, of course, beautiful and kind-hearted woman. She's lucky.

In 1997, when the child was 13 years old, his sentimental began her first shot.

In 2004, David in Melbourne Jones fashion week catwalk, wearing Sass & Bide design.

2006 first went to the spring and summer of 2007 New York fashion week.

In 2007, Kerr began to love her floral dress, in New York to have her first stamp skirt street.

2008 is the best starting point for her career, joined the Secret Victoria`s and have her first Secret Victoria`s shooting.

In 2008, Victoria`s Secret started the first show in her life.

In 2009 Met Ball on the red carpet, can wear a Jil Sander 2009 spring and summer series.

Secret Victoria`s big show in New York in 2009.

In 2010 and the elf Prince Orlando Bloom engaged, at that time two people is all in the eyes of Shenxianjuanlv, too seductive.

Then in this year, they became pregnant with their first child, named FLynn.

From 2012 to 2013 is not difficult to find every Kerr street shooting, all dress collection available to everyone, not exaggerated is a good way of dressing deep everyone's favorite.

Experience the divorce and Orlando Bloom, Chloe did not change, still is the cause of, and did not give up the "beauty" of the matter, and cut off the hair also ushered in the new happy love. In 2016 the "Vanity Fair" held by Oscar Kerr party, dressed in a red evening dress beauty a new height.

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