"Dear translator" power power to teach you how to tease "husband"

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"Dear translator" power power to teach you how to tease "husband"

2016-07-21 23:04:36 459 ℃

Recently you husband for the fast acridine, before from the descendants of the sun in the secondary base husband there awake immediately broadcast "Ode to joy", did not think of Yu Wen haven't spread, "Dear translator" immediately and then file, now, direct and help a husband (words, mango Taiwan seems to have been in control of all her husband's frequency...... )

However today Xiaobian does not want to and we discuss the new Jin's husband, but to say have baby skin power power is how to tease to my husband!

The first two stills to keep the seductive!! (ZA Za Za ~ the skin, almost tender water.)

"Dear translator" by Yang Mi, through starring, tells the story of Joe and the Philippines grew up under the guidance of translation talent Cheng Jia Yang is a senior translation, two people also from the quarrelsome lovers into mutual support intimate love story. Is a high value of Yan love high IQ CP kill and staged various dead child single Dog plot (see me cold).

Yang Mi plays Joe phenanthrene is a girl who is intelligent, beautiful and very hard, she in order to achieve the dream of paid a lot, still not in high school before, among students has spread, their teacher is the evil man Cheng Jia Yang, are somewhat fear. Did not expect real Cheng Jia Yang really as they say, to Joe phenanthrene is very strict, often said to get rid of Joe and the Philippines, such as "you not passing the interview, do not give the admission.

Fortunately, hard work pays off, Cioffi eventually through their own efforts, admitted to the hospital 2008. Although admitted to the high school, but facing the magic Cheng Jia Yang the devil training, Joe phenanthrene still bear the dual pressures of mind and body. Xiaobian see power power in the play all abused, impressed by the good love dearly (who let Xiaobian was completely her arouses envy the baby skin white?).

But with Joe and the Philippines strong perseverance, all aspects of training to achieve the standard of Cheng Jia Yang, Cheng Jia Yang is new people created a chance to practice, they ask the leadership, to translate need makeup??

Hannibal very serious to tell you Jia Yang Cheng, must make-up, and generous. This is a skill that must be mastered as a translator. Smart Cioffi, of course wants to seize this rare opportunity, difficulties, never make-up colleagues began dressing, final class all dressed and groomed won the recognition of magic Cheng Jia Yang, let him sit up and take notice of Joffe.

High strength of the devil training, long-term work overtime late into the night, quickly learn business knowledge and so on, let Joe phenanthrene from true translation officer more and closer. However, in these jobs and training process, Cioffi and Cheng Jia Yang relations have become closer and closer, bicker, learn has become the commonplace they increasingly inseparable from each other, after all, two people go together.

Power power in the workplace staged quite capable, as a translator, business work never careless, to own request is very strict, and for their own image of course not lost, so big power power what is with what the secret of beauty, can successfully Liao pour rich handsome Cheng Jia Yang?, Xiaobian for you to reveal.

Tip 1: skin cleaning first

The great power of the power that she is most concerned with the skin clean, because they do not clean, then the skin certainly will not be good where to go. Indeed, clean is the first step in skin care, it is recommended that you usually in a clean seriously, remember facial cleanser first foaming face, so that the face to clean, or you can wash to the surface, inside the pores are dirty.

Tip 2: skin care should pay attention to sun

Power power said that sunscreen is most can not be ignored a problem. Because of the long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the passage of time the skin will variation, will form a stain or fine lines! So power power in 30 minutes before going out of the will to daub sunscreen on exposed outside the skin. This will reduce the direct damage to the skin.

Tip 3: skin care also regularly to the horny

Face horny layer too thick, will make the skin look dull, and the skin will become dark yellow! So we should regularly to the skin do exfoliating work, let the aging cutin layer peeling, which can brighten the skin tone, still can let skin care products better absorbed by the skin.

Tip 4: replenishment mask first aid dry muscle

What kind of mask is a good mask to the natural material, thin, comfortable, the essence of more, more water to lock the lock. Natural plant skin care brand Dong Tang extract of BorneolBorneol net through moisture Silk MaskAnd select "Pro skin," the silk cloth mask, using fresh borneol extracted from the leaves of processing made of pure texture is safe without side effects of beauty products is made of fiberglass and, the thickness of only 0.25 mm, touch delicate as silk silky through thin, can be a good close facial contour, appressed to natural, fine china liquid layers of infiltration, live Hwan surface layer and the inner layer of the skin, so that the skin from the inside to the outside with elastic water.

Tip 5: pay close attention to time to fill up the sleep

Usual filming often need to stay up late, so large power power sleep time will be reduced, she said as long as there is a gap will catch up on sleep, sleep less skin problems easily. We usually try to go to bed early, do not stay up late, boil a night deposited 10 mask fill back ah, so we must pay attention to.

Good well, said so much,

How to skin care, you get to it?

Come on, you "husband" optimistic about you oh ~

Fast chase drama loo ~ ~ ~ of course, don't forget to mask yo ~